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    Getting a part-time job offer online

    I am working in a software company. Recently I found a part-time job opportunity in a newspaper where we have to work from home online. I applied for the job and they have selected me now. It is a typing job .Will it be good for me to join this part time job in addition to my own job? What will happen if my company finds out about it ?

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    aaki Array
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    Re: Getting a part-time job offer online

    Hello ,
    I dont think a part-time job such as a typing job will be a problem for the company unless you start
    showing some degradation in your perfomance at the company .
    But i would as you to first check whether the online thing is genuine as most of the times itis hoax .

    • Other than that , it can also be hidden from the company as they do not interfere in your personal life and its nothing
    bad in working some extra hours for money .

    Do not continue your typing job at your work place because if they catch you doing that , then it would be very diffucult to explain
    and might create a bad impression . They might take some serious action too .

    It is advicable to work from home only , then i dont think it much of a problem .
    All the best .
    thank you !

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    Re: Getting a part-time job offer online

    Dear first of all i would like to say that you must believe in those part time jobs which does not require for registration fee because at present there are thousands of fake companies are there which provides the smooth job offer to the candidates and mention high payout in the job and try to mention that work is so easy to be done but dear you must be attentive and alert about this because if you got cheated by any company then it would not be good for your career and you may loose your money too so that before joining that work, you should not pay any registration fee, do not sign any contract or agreement, do not get that work which has target means if they are providing you the job which is must be completed in the limited time according to the required mentioned target then you should avoid that job and if you are getting a free of cost registration job of home based and if you feel that you can do that without having any problem in your work and routine and it would not affect your time then you must join because part time income source is great for you to earn more and get more opportunities in future and if you think that company would not accept then you should not worry and if you found the work is good and absolutely legal then you should register and start working and you do not need to tell anybody about this that you are doing such type of job also after or before the office work

    All the best

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    Re: Getting a part-time job offer online

    Hi aspirant

    You should definitely take up this job if you want to earn some extra money and thus want to have extra income. There will be no problem if your company finds out because it is just an online job and not that you are being employed under a different employer. So definitely it is not illegal and you should go for it if you think it will suit you. You have to see to it that you are able to manage both of these simultaneously .

    Yes friend you should definitely join this job and it will be definitely good for you. Don't worry as your company or your boss will not tell you anything even if they find out about it. It will be really a good decision on your part as you gain more experience and learn a lot from it. So friend don't let this opportunity pass by and take full advantage of it. Then you will surely be happy about it that you took the right decision.

    Good luck and thanks

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