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    Future in Operations Department with MBA HR Degree? Which department to choose as per my job profile?

    Dear Senior,

    I am working in an edible oil company based in rajasthan since last 1 year. i joined here as an executive HR & started with handling recruitment's & training & development profile. My present organization is a family owned business with turnover exceeding 2000 crores. At present we are into transformation phase, where HR department is taking lot many initiatives to bring systems & structure in each & every department and a sales driven,, politics free organization. Since 1st April 2011 i have been transferred to operations department which is just 3 months old baby.

    Now as i am into operations and working on understanding manufacturing processes of each & every department at factories. we have 2 factories in alwar along with corporate office & 1 in Bihar & 1 in jaipur. so My most of the profile is seems to a trainee. Though i searched a lot over internet about the future in operations which have sticks me to be in operations but i am great confusion that i do not have any operations degree or diploma.. and still interested in HR. but the thing is if i will be in operations then there is a great chance to become a CEO, coo aur any other senior designation in the present company. and another point is that it is in my hometown.

    So, i am in a situation where my mind has stopped thinking due to confusion that in which department should i go.

    Warm Regards,
    khem Singh Hada

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    Re: Future in Operations Department with MBA HR Degree? Which department to choose as per my job profile?


    You are right. MBA HR should work in the HR deparment in an organization. But these days lot of
    cross functional domain transfer is going on but still you should stick to your core domain. You have
    work experience and now you should look for alternate jobs with HR profile. With your MBA HR degree
    and work experience it will be easy to find a suitable job in the market. You can also use the help of
    Naukri, Shine, Timesjob and Monster for good job offer.


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