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    Friends becoming foes due to my success

    I am working in a government organisation. In just 5 years I have gained a lot of success and popularity in my company. But I have noticed that some of my friends have turned foes as they have been talking bad things behind my back and making fun of me. This really disheartens me. How to deal with such a situation?

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    aman Array
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    Re: Friends becoming foes due to my success

    This happens when you gain success, that is why it is said that you cannot get on top without making enemies.

    As you go higher the ladder of success you become a bigger target of such peoples.

    You don't need to worry or think of such peoples, as whatever you do they will try to pull you down due to jealousy.

    They will always tell that this is due to wrong tricks played by and they are also equally eligible to be at your place.

    This is because they think that you have defeated them and they are not able to accept it, they want that if they don't have it you must also not have it.

    Thus taking them seriously will make them successful in their deeds.

    So don't even think that about them and just concentrate to go as higher as you can with all your hard work.

    This will automatically omit them from your thoughts.

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    Re: Friends becoming foes due to my success

    Friends are those people who stay with you at every walk of life, whether its your success or its your failure. So, time is just showing you who are your friends. You should ignore such people as you actually do not have anytime for them and you are really busy in your work and you should celebrate your success. And moreover I'd suggest you to not to react to such people until and unless they confront you with anything. It may be a rumor that they are saying something about you. You should not believe in any thing like this and then disturb your peace of mind. Stay blessed

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    Re: Friends becoming foes due to my success


    Every where this type of issues arises, and hence you have to be very cautious and don't worry....Management know you very well as they are quite satisfied with your work, behaviour, accompany etc...due to which you got so many promotions and recognitions...

    Also not to involve in back biting things... as this will impact your performance...too much thinking will impact your work also...
    Let them talk what ever they want... you should be strict with your principles...
    More over any thing you noticed, should be informed to your boss immediately...but do the same verbally only....

    good luck!!!!

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    Re: Friends becoming foes due to my success

    friends are those who always encourages for our success and stands behind us when we are in need or in any other bad situations.we should not consider a person as a friend when he backstabs us and keeps a smiley face before us.
    breaking a good friendship is somewhat difficult because you were friends and the days you spent will not be erased not so easily.
    to maintain a good friendship with them invite them for a small party and ask them what is their problem.ask them whether their is any problem with me?.and ask them what is solution should be taken to continue our friendship.
    if they say they dont need your friendship then be a casual friend.after few days they will come to know the value of friendship.

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