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    Finished working on the project but still no salary hike being given

    I am working in a software company. From the past few months I have been asking my manager for salary hike. Recently he promised me that he would definitely give me a salary hike after the completion of this project. Now it has been a week since the completion of the project and till now I havenít got any salary hike. How to deal with such a situation?

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    Barnali Array
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    Re: Finished working on the project but still no salary hike being given


    Yiu have nt mentioned about the no of years served and what is your overall experiance...
    Due to incomplete information it is very difficult to make any conclusions...
    However let us assume that you are not new to the organisation....
    First of all try to understand that verbal commitment and no commitment is the same thing...hence other than prying to the leader you don't have any option to raise your concern...

    Go to your team leader and discuss your concern openly but polietly

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    aman Array
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    Re: Finished working on the project but still no salary hike being given

    Since it has only been a week after completion of the project than you should wait for few days more.

    As you have been promised by your manager that you will be given a salary hike than you must not hurry as sometimes repeatedly asking for same

    thing can irritate your manager and the purpose will not be served.

    So it is better that you give your manager a few days as it is possible that he has already forwarded your application to higher authorities.

    Thus this process can take a few more days, so just wait for few days and even after that you don't get the hike than you can go to your manager

    again and remind him about the promise he has made.

    It would be better that you talk after receiving your salary as than you will be much clear about the hike that you are asking for, as by your salary you

    would get to know easily that the process of salary hike has been done or not.

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    manojbadoniya Array
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    Re: Finished working on the project but still no salary hike being given

    Dear when you have completed your responsibility then you do not need to think about it in depth because you have done your duty and now it is the turn for the duty of your manager means this time your manager have to think about his promise and complete that on time and if you think that you did not get increment in your salary then you should wait for that date when you get paid every month means if you get your salary at the 1st of every month then you should wait and when you get then check the account balance and I am sure that you will definitely get the increment but if you think that you will get any letter for salary hikes then you are wrong, your increased salary will be credited to your account by the accounting department and now you have to keep patience and have faith in your employer and try to perform better in the company for future hikes and promotions in the company and take some more tasks from your manager

    All the best

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