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    Finding it very hard to get over demotion

    I need some help. A few weeks back I was demoted from my current post because I had to take some leave of absence and the management felt that my work was not up to the mark. Although none of my coworkers have said anything that will make me feel bad I am having a hard time handling the demotion. How can I make things better?

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    Re: Finding it very hard to get over demotion

    Hi friend

    I can certainly understand how you are feeling right now and completely sympathise with you. You are really having a very hard time right now and I am feeling really very sorry for you. But this is a very bad sign for both your health and your future and you should try to get over your demotion as soon as possible. You should not get depressed or lower your morale down in such a way as it can lead to very bad consequences affecting your health in a severe manner. Thus for the sake of your health you should try your best to overcome this situation with gusto and courage.

    Firstly you should think that whatever happenrd was purely your bad luck and you have nothing to do with it. AS they say whatever happens , happens for the good. So maybe it happened for the greater good which is written in your future. Now you should start believing in yourself and have confidence in your abilities. This will give you enough confidence to overcome this situation and to deal with it in a braver and more courageous way.

    You should learn to deal with such circumstances as you know Life is not a bed of roses. So may have to face many such circumstances even in your future and thus you could not always behave in such a way. Take the help of your family members to give you more encouragement and to sooth you with their love which is your utmost necessity at this time. A little love and care can do wonders for you at this time.

    Thus friend try and be brave in this situation. Work harder from now on after feeling a little bit better. Then you will see that you have the ability to move mountains and you will , with a little dedication, surely regain your position back and show your company what capabilities you posess.

    You certainly have it in you. Just make it count. Good luck. Have a bright future. Thanks

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