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    Finding it very hard to get a job with good security

    I am B.Tech in Civil. I have been changing from one job to another very frequently in the past 2 years. Now what I want is a permanent job where I can stay for a longer duration and donít have to worry about being laid off. What steps should I take in order to find such a job with good security?

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    Re: Finding it very hard to get a job with good security

    Hi friend

    You should certainly have job security otherwise you will show no growth and thus your career will not go anywhere. Thus you should definitely try to find a job with good security so that you don't have to worry about your job security anymore and also your future is bright.

    Before going for any interview, you should make a detailed search about the company through various sources like internet, brochure, talking to various employees of that comopany so that you can get an idea whether that company will priovide you with ty or not. Then only go for the interview so that you won't have any regrets later if you get the job. Also see if the comopany gives you good growth as that is very essential for your bright future.

    I hope you understand my point . Good luck

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    Re: Finding it very hard to get a job with good security

    This is a desire of most of the engineers in modern world to get a job with good security.The problems created by recession is affecting the security of jobs tremendously especially in the private sector.Since you are a BTech in Civil,so you have very good opportunities to get jobs with good security.

    You should try for core companies in this field in private sector to find job security.However,in order to get better security of jobs ,you should go for jobs in the public or government sector.In public sector,

    -You can go for jobs in PSUs like NTPC,COAL INDIA LtD.,ONGC,IOCL and many more.Every year recruitment is done mainly through GATE score.So you should appear for GATE exam.Jobs in PSUs are the best in terms of salary,satisfaction and security.

    -You can also go for the Defense sector like Indian Army,Navy,Airforce.These provide excellent security and benefits.

    -You can also go for Banking Sector,Indian Railways,Post offices.You can also do post graduation and go for the teaching line which is much secure.

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