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    Female boss insist on getting personal errands done

    My female boss in the MNC bank asks me to get her personal errands done. Spanning from buying gifts for her family to getting some work done, she order me for her personal chores. I am frustrated and I need to come out of this situation, Please suggest.

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    Re: Female boss insist on getting personal errands done

    Dear friend remember "necessity is the mother of invention' you do work in MNC bank where female boss is all in all if you keep in mind respect and personality then be prepared to get out from the MNC bank.If you do objection then female boss take the matter into prestige as a result what you do all are bad you never get due favour from her and your service sheet is going to be worst day by day ultimately you will loose the pvt mnc bank job. So if you have the necessity to keep job then you listen her order/advice.This is the rule you are to obey when you will be the boss then you also enjoy the same.

    Now you have the right to exercise your power but remember very soon you will lost everything,so obey your ill luck.At least you will survive keeping your monetary status.Now it is up to you.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Female boss insist on getting personal errands done

    It is strange to hear that such display of unprofessionalism is shown by people at such high psoition. You should first hint directly to your boss by making an excuse for not doing the chores that she wants you to do. If she is sensible enough then she would understand. Otherwise you will have to make her understand the situation by moulding your words in such a way that she doesn't feel bad and at the same time your problem gets solved. This is called diplomacy and this is what is the need of the hour for you.

    You can tell your boss directly that it is not possible to for you to attend to her chores because you alreday have too many chores of your family to attend to. This would be a signal enough to your boss that you are not to willing to do the chores for her. She should understand your position and not ask you to do too many things for you in the future. You should tell her that helping her once in a while is okay with you but not doing all her chores for her all the time. Say this in a polite tone. This refusal is the kinds that will make your boss feel embarassed if it is said in fornt of others. So you should avoid the fact that there is anyone else in the vicinity when you are talking to your boss.

    You should also also highlight the fact that after office hours you hardly have any time and prefer to go back home to your family as soon as possible. You should be straightforward if your boss odesn't understand your exuses or your cues to her. I hope that people at such responsible positions know how to behave and draw the line between personal and professional life. All the best!

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    Re: Female boss insist on getting personal errands done

    hello sirGenerally you, we and all employees know that in private companies or banks have a person of name BOSS and conveying boss is primarily task for every employees so you should gain of this opportunity with well planning.I hope all will be done good if your boss is happy with your attitude of workings social behavior quality of getting friend etc.It is good that your boss believe at you so you should every task that is preferred by your boss.as you know that in every society has it's special rules and regulations and same a people too.so we should shape ourselves into their thinking because it makes a pleasant way of success.all the best

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