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    Feeling Homesick so, want a Transfer

    I have been working in Bangalore for the past 2 months in a Big MNC.I have tried to adjust as much as I can. But now I am not feeling well for the past few days . The doctor told me that this is due to Homesickness. So I want a transfer soon to my hometown in Mumbai. Please can you tell me the procedure for the same. Also what are my chances of getting the transfer accepted?

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    Re: Feeling Homesick so, want a Transfer

    Re: Feelings Homesick so, Want a Transfer

    Hi friends,

    Yes your transfer accepted.
    You can ask your management.
    You can show the your health reports.
    I think you can explain the your problems with management.
    I think your management accepted your transfer.


    GOOD LUCK............

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