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    Feeling guilty on being reprimanded by boss for the stolen laptop

    I am working in a software company. Just a few days back I borrowed my colleague’s laptop for some work. But unfortunately it got stolen. Our boss called my colleague to his office and reprimanded him for misplacing the laptop. But it was my fault due to which it got stolen and I am feeling very guilty about it.How to get my colleague out of this situation?

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    Re: Feeling guilty on being reprimanded by boss for the stolen laptop

    It's easy dear you should not worry about the stolen of the Laptop and just go to the boss and you should directly say to them that sir you should not scold my colleague because it is my fault and there is no part of my friend in this accident and if you wants to scold then you can scold me about this because i borrowed the company's laptop from my colleague and unfortunately it got stolen so this is my mistake and i am really very sorry for that and please forgive me for this mistake

    If you want then you can cut some salary every month from my account because i do not want to spoil my image in the company that is why i am ready to pay the enough cost of that laptop and you can deduct from my salary every month as a installment but do not be angry with my colleague because he did not do anything about this

    All the best

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    Re: Feeling guilty on being reprimanded by boss for the stolen laptop

    well you must directly go to the boss and tell him that it was your fault , not of your colleague. why are you thinking so much, you know it is your fault so you just need to accept it to overcome that guilt. i am sure your friend would appreciate that too.
    and it is really not good that he is getting scolded for something he has not done, it is your fault go accept it.
    even you can give the compensation price for that too.

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    Re: Feeling guilty on being reprimanded by boss for the stolen laptop

    ++++++++++++Try this process for this issue++++++++

    **********First of all if you want to open your own counselling company than.

    **********you will have to look the terms and condition regarding your job in the company.

    **********See if there is any such clause in your bond with the company that .

    **********you cannot work any where else while providing your services to the company or can open your own.

    **********because you know that your boss has a lot of expectations

    **********you and you are scared of not living up to his expectations.

    **********I would suggest you to take up this opportunity as a challenge and move ahead .

    **********More ever how can you give time to two

    **********job at the same time

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