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    False reason stated to get advance salary

    My friend and me work in the same section. She had been planning to apply for salary advance in pretext of house extension. She is rather going for abroad holiday. I have tried to explain her repercussions but nothing happened. What should I do next?

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    Re: False reason stated to get advance salary

    Hi aspirant

    Your friend is certainly trying to do the wrong thing by misinforming the company for getting her salary in advance. You should make her realise her mistake in any possible way before its too late and she has to face the repercussions. Try to persuade her not to do such a thing as it will destroy her image completely and may also lead to termination of her services. One lie could completely ruin her future and this what you have tomake her understand. Do it before its too late.

    Talk to her again in free time. Tell her that she should not be giving the wrong reason to the manager for hetting her salary in advance. She should tell them the truth even if she does not get the desired results. Because if she lies to the manager and he later comes to know about it, then she will have to face a lot of trouble and may even lose her job. Also this will completely ruin her image in the market and then no other company will show interest in employing her once the news spreads outside. Then her whole career will be ruined due to this one lie on her part. You are telling this as a friend as you care about her and her wellbeing. You hope that she will follow your advice and thus not do such a thing.

    I really hope your friend will understand your point this time and thus will not do such a thing. Good luck and Thanks

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