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    Is it fair to reject people on the basis of looks?

    I want to become an air hostess. I have a good height and also i am very good in communicating with others. Recently i applied for a job in Jet airways. But they rejected me just on the basis of my looks. Is this fair? Shouldn’t my other qualities be also taken into account?

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    Re: Is it fair to reject people on the basis of looks?

    hi there,It will be a BIG NO from my opinion.The main requirements of every organization is:* good coomunication skills* leadership qualities*good body languageAnd as you mention you have all of them so the organization has no right to reject you and YES they should look your other qualities.As a person i would like you to recommend that don`t feel DEMOTIVATED but feel good as God do everything for good and i hope thereill be a far more better job ahead waiting for you...thnxxx.

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    Re: Is it fair to reject people on the basis of looks?

    hello madamabsolutely airlines recruit only those candidates who have these qualities-good height-good communications skills-fair complexion-averaged weight-good academic records.as you have mentioned that good communications and averaged good height are the keys to you that you have too.you should not be upset because first rejection tells something positive and bring good opportunity.so try to other airline you will get definitely a job of AIRHOSTESS.Best of luck

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    Re: Is it fair to reject people on the basis of looks?

    There are various criteria for every jobs.Few test knowledge,few practical applications,few personality,few looks and so on.As you are aspiring for air hostess,you must know that for an air hostess ,good looks is a necessary criteria.Hence,you had been rejected.Although,it is not fair to reject on the basis of looks inspite of talent yet for private airlines,looks is an important factor as they want to increase their popularity and please their customers with good service as well as good personality and good looking people.For air hostess,look is an important factor of judging personality.You can do good amount of makeup and go from next time.This might help you in getting the job because in modern world many are getting jobs of air hostess through intense makeup.Your looks as well as other talent are taken into account where looks holds an important position.

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