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    Failure to keep my promise with my boss is ruining my career

    I am working in a private firm. I recently promised my boss to show some major improvement in my performance as he has always been hinting me regarding it. But I havenít been able to fulfill this promise till now and as a result my boss is completely against me now. This is ruining my career and also my future. How to come out of this situation?

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    Re: Failure to keep my promise with my boss is ruining my career


    Whenever you promise some one, your first and formost priority will be focus on the work you have to do...there must be some reason for not fulfilling the same..

    First of all just get the root cause for failure...once you got the reson for the failure...think and analyse why you have failed....
    It is not that you can't do good things... if another person can do, you can do as well...

    You might be wasting your time with other works and can't be able to focus on the prioriy job...
    Be paitent and try to discuss the issues you face with your boss and ask for some suggession to improvement... so that he can guide you a better way...

    Don't be afraid of asking any question to your boss... he/she will understand and can only guide with a better solution...
    Your boss is also human being...a good boss...

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    Re: Failure to keep my promise with my boss is ruining my career

    See such things happen when you are not either completely focused on your work or you are having some sort of difficulties in performing the work

    which can be due to various reasons.

    So first of all try to get to those problems which is effecting your work and thus your performance.

    As you have been hinted many times before and you are not able to improve your performance than there is a great need that you find your weak

    points as by rectifying those errors in your performance can only help you in improving your performance.

    If you are having any problem and you are not able to solve it than you must take help from your colleagues they can show you the solution of your

    problems and can possibly help you in finding things that you are doing wrong.

    So don't get worried and concentrate on improving yourself, once you will start performing well things will automatically get into place.

    Just thinking of and overloading yourself with your past failures will never help you in coming out of this situation.

    Your boss just wants that you to improve as your improvement will effect companies performance.

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