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    Expected salary after B.Tech from BITS or IIT and MBA from IIM?

    I wanted to that if i have done btech from bits or iit and then mba from iims then what salary can i expect....

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    Re: Expected salary after B.Tech from BITS or IIT and MBA from IIM?

    First of all.I would like to say that it is a very tough job to do BTech from BIT or IIT and then MBA from IIM.
    Coming to the query,
    Salary depends on various factors.It depends on the caliber of the student and academic record of the student.It also depends on the company recruiting.Since the institute of academics is IIT and IIM,which are the best institutes of India,therefore the salary will be indeed high.Moreover,MBA is a very good course from professional point of view,hence the salary as well as job prospective will be very high.
    One will get higher salary in the private sector as compared to the public sector.In public sector,you can get salary ranging from 60000-100000 per month along with many other facilities.In private sector,you can get salary as a fresher ranging from 10 lakhs per annum.It can range upto crores per annum if you get into a good organization in good positions.You can also get jobs in abroad where organization will pay you in dollars and pounds and can earn in cores when converted to Indian currency.

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    Re: Expected salary after B.Tech from BITS or IIT and MBA from IIM?


    BITS Pilani,IIT and IIM are the finest educational institution in India. Getting admission is
    very very hard in any of the said institutions. Generally peole get very lucrative job offer
    during campussing but a lot of other factors also play a very crucial role such as academic
    record, interpersonal skills, extra-curricular activities and projetc work.
    An engineering graduate from BITS generally get an offer an excess of 50,000 to 60,000
    per month. In case of IIT it's about the same scale. But a graduate from IIMs get a
    range an excess of Rs. 100,000 to 200,000 lac per month.


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