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    Is an environmental related career possible after B.Tech EEE? Which course to study?

    Can I have ant environmental related jobs after having B.Tech EEE? Is there any higher studies available for that? Which B.tech degree should I take to have an environmental related career?

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    Re: Is an environmental related career possible after B.Tech EEE? Which course to study?

    Environment Science is one of the latest field of study which has great scope in future.It is thought that it will be highly demanding branch of future.Drastic increase in environmental pollution across the globe has led to various research and development works. Need for improvement in this field has lead to the growth of a new field that is environmental science.A career in environmental science can be challenging as the candidate is expected to come up with revolutionary solutions for various environmental issues.

    Yes,you can definitely go for studies in this field and then can go for jobs in this sector.After Btech in EEE it is difficult to enter into this field.However,you can get into the electronic and electrical related companies where you can design efficient techniques for reducing pollution,waste managetment and various other issues concerning the environment.

    You need to do BTech in Environmental Engineering to get jobs in this sector.You can do various courses under this field.They are:-
    - Diploma in Environment
    - Diploma in Human Ecology
    - Diploma in Population
    - P.G. Diploma in Environmental Sciences
    - Diploma in Industrial Pollution Control
    - P.G. Diploma in Industrial Pollution Control
    - Diploma in Environmental Sciences and Industrial Pollution
    - P.G. Diploma in Environmental Management
    - Bachelor of Science (Pollution)
    - Bachelor of Science (Applied Environmental Science)
    - M.Sc (Technology) in Environmental Management
    - Masters of Science (Environmental Biology)
    - Masters of Science (Environmental Toxicology)
    - Masters in Science (Pollution)
    - Masters of Science (Ecology)
    - Masters of Science (Water Management)
    - Masters of Science (Environmental Sciences)
    - Masters of Science (Limnology and Fisheries)
    - Masters of Science (Limnology)
    - Masters of Engineering in Environmental Engineering
    - M.Phil. in Environmental Management
    - Master of Science in Environmental Biology

    After completion of higher studies you can work as:
    - Agricultural engineers
    - Biologists
    - Chemical engineers
    - Chemists
    - Civil engineers
    - Ecologists
    - Geography experts
    - Geologists
    - Hydro-geologists
    - Public health experts
    - Solid waste management professionals
    - Hazardous waste management professionals
    - Water treatment technicians
    - Wastewater treatment technicians

    Some of the leading recruiters in India are :
    - AECOM
    - Privi Organics Limited
    - MACTEC
    - Kalpan Hydro Company
    - Goodrich Corporation
    - SPML Infra Limited
    - Brunel India Pvt Ltd
    - The Indure Private LImited
    - Sima Labs Pvt Ltd.
    - IDS Group
    - Dresser-Rand India Pvt Ltd

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