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    Enquiry regarding Wipro WASE program

    Hi friends.
    I need help.
    Please advice whether i should go for Wase ...
    I have been selected for it.
    Joining date is 21st sep 2011.
    So reply me as soon as possible.

    During the wase program if unfortunately we get a kt in any subject, then our enrollment will be terminated ?
    or we can clear it in next semester ?

    The 15 days leave will be applicable for the entire year or 6 months ?
    It is not mentioned clearly.

    Under Termination section :
    It is written that if needed we can be re-assigned to another division, department, establishment or new location
    where wipro has its office or operation and WASE classes are running in that particular location, in India.

    so that division can be a BPO ?
    if needed than we will be assigned to bpo ?

    What are the contents(i mean the syllabus) of wase ?
    i asked this question previously also but didn't get a reply ..

    The academy can terminate our enrollment at its discretion !

    So i want to know whether it will be only applicable if our performance is not up to the mark or
    the academy can terminate at it's will without giving any valid reason ?

    Query 6:
    The training location and the posting location will be how far ?
    and our classes will be held at which location ?

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    Re: Enquiry regarding Wipro WASE program

    Hi, friend...,

    *MS course is a 4-year program.

    *you should have pursued CS /physics, electronics and B. Sc in mathematics .

    *Even with the BCM or the BCA are to be covered in this course. Also,

    *you have to have 50 % in 10 and 50 % in 12 and 60% in graduate.

    *It is essential that you have studied mathematics in the 12th.

    *The selection process is there to join this course.

    *It consists of three steps. Consisting of 8 semesters in the 4 years studied.

    *Except for four subjects in each semester to last semester.

    *Course details can be seen from Wipro's website.

    ALL THE BEST......

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