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    End of day reports manipulated by sales representatives

    I am currently out of country but the sales team back in office are emailing manipulative end of day reports. Initially, they emailed authentic day to day work sheets but somehow, I came to know about the faux reports. How should I convey the issue without creating furore? Should I feel sack the erring peoples?

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    Re: End of day reports manipulated by sales representatives

    Dear guest,

    Its certainly painful to know that such a thing is happening to you. The best thing to do is gather enough evidence against the accused personnel. It is then your choice whether to demote, restigate or warn the accused.. The best thing to do is to let them know that you are in the knowledge of the fraud taking place. You can simply warn them and make it a point to them that you are pretty serious about what you say.
    In such situations they usually will stop doing the particular thing. Just in case they won't stop doing so then you should have a tough proof to go against them. You should be brave enough to tell them your word stays tough and you dislike all such activity. An then you can always discharge them from their duties by reporting to your seniors or issung them discharge letters personally if you are the boss.

    Thank you...

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    Re: End of day reports manipulated by sales representatives

    Hi aspirant

    You should definitely you should definitely take some action against the sales team who are doing such a wrong thing with you by cheating you in this manner. they certainly deserve a severe punishment and it wouldn't be wrong if you remove them from their services. they really deserve to be sacked for the crime they have committed which may prove to be harmful to your company.

    They should have thought of the consequences before resorting to such cheap tactics by e-mailing you fake end-of-the day sales reports.Now they are solely responsible for what they have done and no one else is to be blamed for it. When you come back , you should call them to your office together and teach them a good lesson. Tell them that you have found out that the reports they were e-mailing you were false and they deserve to be sacked for this.

    I am sure they will accept their fault and will promise to not do such a thing again. Then you can sack them or give them a second chance depending on your will. Good luck

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