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    Are employers free from the botheration of employees safety?

    Last month whole India was facing a Bharat Bandh. We had a working day as no notification regarding the same was announced. The Bandh people came inside our office and tried to harm us even misbehaved with female candidates.Until the situation got worse the employer then said to leave the office. Is this an employer should take care of an employee?

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    Re: Are employers free from the botheration of employees safety?

    Dear Aspirant

    Definately It is a result of the poor management.The head of the comany management ,may be managing Director or the manager General,has to see that on which day there is a holiday & working day in the company.When It was Bharat Band,the management had the resposibility to provide a safe working day for the employees,when It was so necessary to run thre company on such risky date.They would have contacted the police administration to deploy forces for the company to run the company on such date.

    So all the employees jointly must represent the matter to the management so that the incident may not repeat in future.


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    Re: Are employers free from the botheration of employees safety?

    Why it is botheration?it is the duty to give safety all workers work under the employer!

    1.keep drinking water within the office premises for workers as well as customer.

    2.keep fire extinguisher in active way...give demonastration for use as and when needed.

    3.always keep ready a medical box for primary tretment.

    4.security is needed where cash transaction is active.

    5.all types of modern equipment should be provided for employees safety purpose like telephone/car /and so on...these are not botheration say safety measure.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Are employers free from the botheration of employees safety?

    Hello friend ,

    Private companies have limited holidays so in order to keep the business going for their client they call their employee to work on those days also when there is public strike,transport strike,bharat bandh...etc .however its the responsibility of company to take care of the safety of their employees in those days.
    1-rather company should increase its security for that day.
    2-should arrange private transport from home pickup to company.
    3-should provide security guards with the employee while transport.
    4-all types of medical facility should be arranged for the employees for any injury.
    5-should provide extra compensation amount for working on that day.
    so company is solely responsible for those days if any thing bad occurs.

    Thank You

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