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    Are employers free from the botheration of employees safety?

    Last month whole India was facing a Bharat Bandh. We had a working day as no notification regarding the same was announced. The Bandh people came inside our office and tried to harm us even misbehaved with female candidates.Until the situation got worse the employer then said to leave the office. Is this an employer should take care of an employee?

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    Re: Are employers free from the botheration of employees safety?

    Dear Aspirant,

    It is the result of the poor management.The management should take precaution in order to get the safety of the employees & company on such risky date.If the company is not dealing with the oerishable product,It would better to declare holiday on such date.

    If it is necessary to run the company daily,the management must request district administration to provide security to the company assets,its products & its emplyoees by providing sofficient numbers of forces to the company.Also the company should have its own security guards & strong compound wall so that no strangers enters inside the campus of the company.

    So to avoid the incidents in future,you must jointly represent the head of the company/employer.

    Thanks & good luck.

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    Re: Are employers free from the botheration of employees safety?

    No,never employers' are always busy to keep good arrangements for their safety.why we use the term "botheration" it is prime duty to keep arrangements like,drinking water/fire extinguisher/primary medical box/these are to be kept active because at any time accident may happen within the premises so to avoid such emergency employer should always be active to keep such arrangements.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Are employers free from the botheration of employees safety?

    Dear Friend

    Yes the Employers should be bothered about the safety of their employees otherwise who will work in his company...

    The bandh was announced in previous month all across the country and the private organization were set free to declare it a holiday in their company oir not..

    Some private organizations also declared it a holiday considering the safety measures of their employees..

    But you company management was so irresponsible that it did not care about the safety of their employees and for this you and your colleagues faced the problems..

    This is a improper management..as they have not declared it a holiday they should have adopted other security measures for avoiding such incidents that happened in your office..

    From next time they should be aware of it otherwise no one will trust their company..

    So be united and talk to the management immediately for this..


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    Re: Are employers free from the botheration of employees safety?


    Until you work in a office the responsibility of your safety lies with your company. In India we do not have a trend of appointing safety persons and because of low level of management we face such kinda situation. We have to follow these situation because we are not aware that an uncertainty can happen at any time.

    To Overcome this problem you should in a group talk to the managers at your company and tell them that they should plan something for the safety of the employee as they are the valuable asset of the company. This problem will not be solved until and unless you people take initiative. So step out and raise the issue.

    Hope it will help


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