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    Employer not arranging trainings needed for job performance

    I am working as a sales advisor in an automobile industry where regular trainings are needed whenever a product modification is there. But my employer is not sending me to any training and said I have to be up to date from brochures and e-mails only. I am very worried how to move forward.

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    Re: Employer not arranging trainings needed for job performance

    Hi buddy Your employer should certainly understand that by providing good training to his employees regarding product modifications , he is helping his own company in turn as the employers will then have more knowledge and thus will perform better in turn proving beneficial to their company. If you be up to date only through e-mails and brochures then you may gain some amount knowledge but you will lack in practical skills which you can gain through proper training. So certainly having training is the best option for you.

    You should not be afraid and rather than worrying go and talk to your employer regarding this. Speak politely and tell him that you think that training for product modification will certainly be more beneficial to you as you will gain more practical knowledge through it than you can gain from reading brochures and emails. I hope he listens to you and provides you with training. But if he doesnt then you go aheasd with it and dont worry. If any problem arises then you can say that you have not been given proper training thus you are doing such mistakes. This will hopefully teach him a lesson.

    So dont worry friend. Give your best. Good luck and God Bless

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