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    Employer not allowing any conversation during working hours

    I am working in a MNC. Recently our employer has made a very strict rule regarding conversation between the employees during working hours. We are not allowed to speak with each other during the working hours, not even sometimes. This is making the work environment very dull and monotonous. Also I think this is affecting our work performance. How should we explain this to our employer?

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    Re: Employer not allowing any conversation during working hours

    Hi aspirant

    I think you should definitely talk to your employer regarding this . But first of all you should consult the other employees regarding this matter and if they feel the same as you then you should go along with few of your employees and speak to your boss personally.Tell him that it is getting very boring and monotonous for all the employees due to the company banning conversation between them during the working hours.

    Tell him that you understand that working hours are for fully concentrating on your work and not for chatting but it tends to get very monotonous so a little bit of a chat is always welcome. All the employees agree with this and hope that you will bring an amendment to this rule as soon as possible. In this way the performance of the employees will also not be affected and the company will benefit from the same.

    I am sure your boss will agree with you. Good luck

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    Re: Employer not allowing any conversation during working hours

    Dear aspirant,
    May be your boss has seen many employees gossiping hour n hour during working time and less concentrate on work .so it will badly affect to company profit ratio .may this reason causes for his strict action.but don't be nervous approach to your boss and ask him the reason why he has choosing this action. request him to take back this action and explain your reason and trouble you are facing .if necessary give written letter with sign of every one who are facing problem like you, take them with you and convince your boss.i hope this idea will work.

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    Re: Employer not allowing any conversation during working hours

    Dear aspirant,
    you should ask to your boss why he behaving so rude with employees try to sort out problems by discuss with your boss and try to convince him and explain how you all are feeling nervous,dull and how its affecting to your work.best of luck.

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