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    Employer charged me security money at the time of recruitment

    I have listened many times that educational institutes charge a security amount from all the students and repay when no dues formalities are done. I have recently joined an organisation to which the respective employer charged me a security amount of Rs.8000.But I don’t think it was required.

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    Re: Employer charged me security money at the time of recruitment

    Hi aspirant

    Certainly these kind of things are common in educational institutes but of course they can happen in various companies and big organizations also . Now as this has happened to you and you may have not heard about this earlier, thus you are finding it a bit strange. But rather than worrying about it and thinking that the security which they charged from you was not required, you better go and speak to your HR and get this doubt cleared. I am sure if they have taken this money as security, then they will surely refund it to you after sometime as per their rules and regulations.

    Therefore you should first go and speak to your HR. Tell him that you were charged security money at the time of recruitment amounting to Rs. 8000. You were really surprised because you havent heard about this kind of a thing before.So you were just curious to know the reason for the same and when will you be refunded the amount. I am sure your HR will satisfy your doubts as it their duty to help their employees. Then you will be relieved from this unnecessary tension.

    All the best and Thanks

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