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    Employees not showing any respect to the manager

    I am working as a manager of a private firm. The employees in my company are very uncivilized and show no respect towards their manager. They never obey my orders and donít pay any heed to my advice. Most of them behave in such a way. I possibly canít fire all of them. What should I do to teach them a lesson?

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    Re: Employees not showing any respect to the manager

    Hi there,
    I can understand your problem.
    It happens most of the time with all the managers due to the thinking of the employees towards their managers as they think that all the managers are rude with the employees.
    So,In my opinion you must ask your employees to obey your orders very politely and if they not respond then goto the higher authorities and talk to them about the situation as soon as possible in order to control them or else it can harm the organization.
    Hope this will help...

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    Re: Employees not showing any respect to the manager

    remember "you are the Boss". so just be strict, tell them to work properly and if it doesnt work then fire one as this will set an example and will improve the ambiance


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    Re: Employees not showing any respect to the manager


    Yes your problem is serious you cannot fire all of them.
    But you can fire one or two employees.

    First warn them strictly that they will be fired if they do not obey your orders.
    Then if they continue misbehaving then fire the employee who misbehaves.

    This will teach every employee a lesson and every one will become alert.
    If possible fire few more employees and recruit for new staff.

    It is very easy for the company's to get efficient employees these days.
    So it will not be more problem.
    Or you can first start recruitment procedure and according to the employees available,
    you can fire the employees who misbehaved a lot.

    These will surely help you.
    It is very necessary that you take strict action against them.
    All the best

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