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    Employee not taking maternity leave

    Like all other offices our company also gives maternity leaves to new mothers. however there is one female employee in our office who is not willing to take maternity leave. She says she does not need it and she will take the holiday when necessary. Is it possible to postpone your maternity leave to a later date?

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    Re: Employee not taking maternity leave

    Hi friend

    It is the wish of the lady whenever she wants to take the maternity leave. According to the Maternity Benefits Act, a pregnant women can avail the maternity leave 3 months before the date of her delivery and 3 months after it. This is the maximum time that she can take the maternity leave. She certainly cannot cross the time limit. But she can take the leave whenever she feels like it but within her time frame, not before or not after that.

    It is advisable for all pregnant working ladies to take maternity leave on proper time and dont delay it.It is required for proper rest and also taking too much work stress is not good for their health. This is also good for the mother's health as well. So I think you should advice that female employee in your company to take the maternity leave on time and not to delay it for her and her baby's good health. Proper rest and proper and extra diet are required for every woman during pregnancy.

    Good luck friend. I hope your employee listens to your advice.

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