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    Employee forcing me to recommend his name to his boss

    I am the manager of a private firm. Recently we are looking for an employee who can head a very important project. One of the employees who is very close to me is asking me to recommend his name to his boss but I don't think he is fit for this project. What to do in such a case?

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    Re: Employee forcing me to recommend his name to his boss

    This is a common feature that every individual wants to avail the important opportunities in life to achieve high success and to get better prospects in life.Even your employee also wants the same.Moreover every one tries to utilize their contacts to avail the best opportunities which has happened for your employee as well.

    But it is the time for you to show professionalism.You should act professionally to this issue because your decision will have great impact on the work and accomplishment of the company.Since it is an important project,hence your company's higher authority also expects to select the best person for it who can complete it with perfection.So you should also aim for the same.

    The success of the project depends a lot on the person involved in this project.If you choose a person who is not fit for the project,it can not only result into many problems but can also result into the failure of the project.You will also be held responsible for the failure since you were a part of the project and you had recommended the person who will be involved in the project.Hence you should choose the right person whom you think fit for the best.

    Since the concerned employee is close to you,you can call him and talk to him regarding this issue.Try to make him understand the need of professionalism in this case and explain him that since the project is an important one,hence there should not be any risks involved.Give him the reasons as to why you cannot select him.Assure him that if he improves and overcome his mistakes and weaknesses then you will definitely select him for such type of important projects.

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    Re: Employee forcing me to recommend his name to his boss

    It is a typical function this each would like to acquire the key possibilities to have to accomplish excessive achievement also to recover prospective customers around life.

    Even your own personnel furthermore desires a same.
    Additionally all aims make use of the contacts to be able to acquire the best possibilities that has took place for ones personnel when well.

    But it's a time to show professionalism.You will need to act appropriately to be able to this challenge mainly because your choice are going to have fantastic affect the job and also achievements of the company.
    Because it is a vital job,for this reason your own businesses larger authority furthermore is expecting to settle on the best man or women for it that can total this together with perfection.So it's also wise to target a same.

    The achievements of a job will depend considerably in whomever associated with this specific project.If you decide someone that just isn't healthy for your job,it cannot exclusively final result straight into lots of complications although may final result to the disaster of the project.

    You are likewise held accountable for your disaster considering you had been an element of the job and also you experienced encouraged the one that is going to get involved in a project.Hence you need to choose the best man or women individual preference imagine healthy for your best.

    Considering that the anxious personnel is actually in your area,you are able to phone him constantly and also speak to your ex with regards to this specific issue.

    Try to be able to get him to view the demand of professionalism and reliability in such cases and also reveal your ex this because the job is a crucial one particular,for this reason presently there really should not be every risks involved.

    Offer him the causes that explains why you can't pick out him.Assure your ex whenever he enhances and also defeat his / her problems and also disadvantages you'll undoubtedly pick out your ex for such type of significant projects.

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    Re: Employee forcing me to recommend his name to his boss


    Every one wants the best opportunities in life and in company also.That one employee close to you is also the same.Since he knows about the project and he is close to you so he has some expectation towards you.

    Though you think that he is not fit for the project yet you can give him a chance to do this project.You never know people who are close to you are also good at the same thing you are looking for.

    He will work hard and do his best for sure.He has asked for the project by himself so he will also bear more responsibility to complete it successfully.

    In your mind if you have someone else who is better suited for the project then recommend his name to boss along with the employee who has told you.

    Give your boss complete detail about both the employees for the project and let the boss decide who will do the project.So your co-worker will also be happy that you recommended his name.

    And let your boss choose the right employee for the project based on your views for who is fit for the project.

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