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    An employee coming back to work just 1 ½ months after her delivery

    I am a manager of a private firm. One of the female employees in our company was on her maternity leave. She came back yesterday just 11/2 months after her delivery. She still has 1.5 months of her maternity leave pending. I am afraid that if something happens to her due to deterioration in her health, the company may be blamed for this. Should I tell her to come back after her leave is over? Please guide me in the right direction.

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    Re: An employee coming back to work just 1 ½ months after her delivery

    Hi friend

    I think you should first ask her about her health and get her medical done. If everything is alright then you should certainly welcome her back to your company without any hesitation.It is her decision to come back early from her maternity leave and you should appreciate that rather than creating so much fuss about it. Your company has nothing to do with her decision and , God forbid, if something happens to her, she herself will be responsible for the same and your company won't get into any trouble.

    So you should welcome her back with open arms if everything is alright. In the future , even if you see the slightest signs of deterioration in her health or she tells you about it, then you should immediately send her back to her home and tell her to take complete rest till her maternity leave is over. Also tell her that whenever she feels that she isn't well, she should immediately inform you. This is your responsibility and you should perform it.

    So friend I hope everything goes well. Good luck

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