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    Don't want relieving letter,is it necessary to pay the bond money?

    Hi Freinds I need your help,

    I joined XXX organisation on 17 Oct 2012.There is a 1 year bond which they have,or you need to pay 50,000 or to give a notice period of 3 months.As there were night shifts,my parents were not quite willing to allow me to do the job.But I succeeded in convincing them and finally they agreed.But,during the last two weeks my health has deteriorated drastically and I got job somewhere in other company also.I don't want any experience or relieving letter from them.And in my new organisation also I have told that I am a fresher.So,now is it necessary for me to pay that 50,000/- because serving the notice period is not possible for me.As everyone says that bond is not legal in India.Will any legal action be taken against me if I don't pay the money neither serve the notice period?What should I do?
    Please help!!

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