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    Donít want my boss to leave the company

    I am working in a private firm. Our boss is planning on moving to Delhi and thus he would have to leave this company. All the employees donít want him to leave this company as he was a very good person and we all looked upto him. We want him to stay a little longer with us.How to put this in front of our boss?

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    Re: Donít want my boss to leave the company


    Friend , what I can say?
    If you all want him to stay a little longer with you all, then why are you waiting go and just say to him , don't waste time. As you are saying that he is good person , if he will not have any big reason to go , he can stay with you all, but if he has a big reason then he will go. But there is nothing bad in trying. Go and try your best. Only by talking to him , you all can show you feeling to him , so go and talk to him about this matter, don't wait, and let him decide, but don't force him.


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    Re: Donít want my boss to leave the company

    It is really nice to see that you all love your boss so much and do not want to let him go.It is really pleasing to see the satisfaction level of you all for your boss.This is because it has become common to get queries about dissatisfaction and problems of employees with their boss.So it is nice to find this sort of queries.

    But it is really sad on the part of you all that your boss is going to Delhi,and thereby he will not be the boss of you all again.You all are supposed to have a new boss who will be a new person for you all.You all should understand the boss also.He is also a human being and has life.Hence he should not be forced to not leave the company because it will be an act of selfishness.However you all can request him to reconsider his decision once again.

    -You all should gather together and approach your boss.
    -Tell him about his good qualities.
    -Tell him what you all desire.
    -Request him to not leave the company.
    -Tell him that it had been great working with him and you all want to continue it.
    -Try to sway him emotionally because it is the only way by which he can change his decision.

    However,do not force him.If he does not want to change his decision,respect it.Give him a good farewell party and bid him good luck for the rest of his life.Thank him for his cooperation in the past years and for the contribution that he had made.After that get mentlly prepared for a new boss.

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    Re: Donít want my boss to leave the company

    As you boss has decided to leave, he may have some personal reasons behind it. Asking his to stay will definitely make him happy and will want him to stay back a little longer with you people. You can throw a farewell party for him and then request him to stay or you can arrange a get together and then convey your message to him.

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    Re: Donít want my boss to leave the company

    -->directly put your point in front of him
    -->i am sure he will love this conversation and gesture
    -->tell him that you all want him to stay little longer with them
    -->tell him about his qualities that admire you all most
    -->tell him how he manages things so well.
    as he is a great person he will understand this and will stay back for some time.

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    Re: Donít want my boss to leave the company


    Your boss is a good person so you do not want him to leave the company. This is good that you all have good relation with your boss. You should have such a boss to stay happy in the office premises. You had the chance of working with such a good person. You should be thankful to your boss.

    You can gather with your colleagues and ask your boss to stay a little longer. Your boss will surely listen to you and stay there for few more days. DO not hesitate just go to your boss and thank him to be so good to you employees.And then tell him that you want him stay with for some more time.

    Though he will leave even after spending few days with you in office. So you must be prepared to face this situation. You should atleast think that your new boss should be a good person. Make up your mind that you have to impress your new boss and work him after the old boss leaves.

    For your present boss you can throw a surprise part a farewell party. This will make your boss feel your respect towards him. So he will plan to stay for few more days after you ask him about it.

    All the best.

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    Re: Donít want my boss to leave the company

    It is nice so that you can note that every body enjoy your coworkers so much as well as should not allow him to go.It really is pleasing so that you can be aware of the full satisfaction stage individual all for your boss.This is that it has become present with receive requests about unhappiness as well as issues connected with workforce utilizing their boss.So them is a useful one to locate such a queries.

    But it's seriously miserable by every body that your manager will Delhi,as well as therefore your dog will not be the actual manager individual all again.You all are made to get the latest manager that has to be new person available for you all.You all will need to see the manager also.He can be another hero and has life.Hence your dog really should not be instructed to certainly not get away from the business simply because it will likely be an act connected with selfishness.However every body can easily ask your pet so that you can reexamine her selection when again.
    Your manager is an excellent person thus you don't want your pet to go away the actual company. That is good of which every body get great relation with your boss. You ought to have a real manager so that you can maintain a positive attitude in the workplace premises. This is the possibility of dealing with a real great person. You will be grateful for your boss.

    You can assemble with your acquaintances and enquire your coworkers to stay a bit longer. Your manager will definitely tune in to you and also continue to be now there intended for several more days. DO certainly not think twice merely see your manager as well as thank your pet to become so excellent for your requirements employees.And in that case be sure he understands that you'd like your pet stay with for a lot of more time.

    Though he can get away from also after spending day or two on hand throughout office. This means you will have to be ready to experience the following situation. You should atleast believe that your manager will need to certainly be a great person. Produce a decision that you need to wow your manager as well as perform your pet just after the old manager leaves.

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