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    Does HR plays role in maintaining companyís balance sheet too?

    Today business aspect provides a huge scope for HR to grow its roots. In some companies along with HR works the personnel are too asked to perform administration tasks too. I wanted to ask that does the HR personnel been ever asked to maintain a balance sheet too? If yes then for what purpose it being used by an HR?

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    Re: Does HR plays role in maintaining companyís balance sheet too?


    The simple aswer to your question is NO....The owner of Balance Sheet is the "Finance and Accounts Department...
    No where in my knowledge found that HR is maintaining the Balance Sheet...
    Yes, some time it is true that Finance and Accounts person is also responsible for HR work at the sme time... but it does not mean that HR is preparing the Balance Sheet and responsible for Balance Sheet figures...

    Yes, Balance Sheet can be used by HR for different purposes...they required the data for Revenue, Expenses, Assets, Liability detials for different purposes...they use the raion data for different data base purposes...HR required data from Balance sheet for Assriasal purpose also...

    Target base incentives are also calculated by taking different data from Balance Sheets....

    Hope the answer to your question is clear...

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