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    Does frequent change of jobs may harm the career?

    I have a work experience of 3 years and in this period I have changed around 5 jobs just because I got a small hike in my pay. Some people say I am harming my career and stability is very important in career. Is this true? I want to earn more and more money what should I do?

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    Re: Does frequent change of jobs may harm the career?


    Yes, it can harm your career in long run. In a period of three years you should not have changed
    more than a couple of companies. If you change too many companies then people will tend to think
    that you are a whimsical person. In any organization people want those who want to stay and work
    for them for a long duration. So, from next time onward you should stick a company for a bit longer
    period. This will be good for your career.


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    Re: Does frequent change of jobs may harm the career?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    I have a work experience of 3 years and in this period I have changed around 5 jobs just because I got a small hike in my pay. Some people say I am harming my career and stability is very important in career. Is this true? I want to earn more and more money what should I do?
    Dear Aspirant,

    It is true that the stability is more important to build up a good career.Your rate of changing your job is very high & one time the employer may think to give you appointment in his/her organisation,as recruiting an employee involves many steps which takes money,time & energy of the employer & his/her employees.The employer will think that you may not continue in his/her organisation,because you have been changing your job so frequently.

    So before changing,you must think & know the prospects in working company as to promotion in case of continuation of your job in the same company,the good will & stability of the company etc.You should also see the working environment in the company.If you get major hike in salary with all your favourable conditions such as the position of the company,good working environment & promotional aspects etc,then only you should decide to change your job.

    Thanks & good luck.

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    Re: Does frequent change of jobs may harm the career?


    This is true, it can harm your career if you frequently change jobs for a small hike in pay.

    You should not change your job for a small hike.
    you should work hard in one company so that you may get promotions and your salary will automatically increase.
    You can get increament in same position if your work is appreciable.

    As you said you want to earn more and more , which needs a real smart and hard work.
    You must focus on getting job in a very good company or multinational company where salary is high.
    and then stick to your job and make the best out of you.

    If you change your job for such small hikes in company, then after few years you may not get good job ad may lose your reputation as a employee.

    Think greater but do not take such steps that can harm your career.

    Good luck

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    Re: Does frequent change of jobs may harm the career?

    What people have suggested you is absolutely correct.Changing jobs constantly hampers your job consistency with a steady fall in your career graph.When ever you will approach for a good job in any of the renowned companies of present times,firstly they will have a look on your previous job consistency.Since you have been switching jobs very frequently,definitely it will give a negative impression about you.Stop the habit of switching jobs ! This has already hampered your consistency of your mind to stick to a particular company or firm.It is high time that you realise this and behave accordingly.Dont ruin your career in this way.If you have potential and utilise it through your hard work then getting salary hike and promotion wont be difficult for you.For this,it is essential to stick to one job!

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    Re: Does frequent change of jobs may harm the career?

    See as you said that you have an overall experience of 3 years with 5 changes in your job which is quiet unstable, see you should try to stick to a particular job for atleast 2 years. You can see the effect of this change by the position in the company you are in right now, after 3 years also you would be working in the same position though with little higher pay.

    See for getting a much higher salary the important thing is your position, when you will get to the next level than only you can be considered for much higher pay as the pays are based on the position you are working in. Just changing jobs for a little increase in salary won't help in earning more. If for eg you would have been working in the same company for 3 years than there would be much chances that you would have got a much higher increment and also may be a promotion. Also if not in the same company you could have applied for better chances in other companies.

    See with regular changing of jobs no company will consider you for higher posts/responsibilities as they will have in mind that you will anytime leave them for a bigger opportunity considering your past records. If you want to get more money you can invest your money or do some part time work. Merely shifting jobs for little hike in pay will not help you in earning more.

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    Re: Does frequent change of jobs may harm the career?

    yes,its true if you change your job too many times that shows your not stable at a particular job or with an organisation itself.. rotation policy is good until you get a salary hike.. but when you take rotation policy as your motto this will not help you in your career.. don't change your job for hike it will effect your career.. recruiters will see that your not stable hence they will back track your credentials of job skills and work is to be done for a period of time.. companies will find it difficult to take you in the organisation they will hesitate in giving you training for new projects they might think that you will move to other training after you do some work at the company.. so company will not accept you for instability at work period is concerned. you change company when your given huge amount of hike like 10,000 but not less than that.. have a experience of about 2-3 years in an organisation that will be good if you work for an period of time all the best

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    Re: Does frequent change of jobs may harm the career?

    Man your freind is right that stability is required for good career, money you can earn by getting the higher position after 3 or 4 years of your continuous experience, because if you are leaving the companies due to money in 6 or 7 months then it will be not easier for you to get the higher position in life because you are only going for money and not thinking that where your career will go. If you like to earn more money then you need to do continuous work in one company for some 2 or 3 years then you can able to apply for the higher position very easily to other company or the same company will give you promotion and also the hike in your basic salary. Then it will be for long term not for a short term you will get the success as well as money so go for success not for money.

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    Smile Re: Does frequent change of jobs may harm the career?

    Re: Does frequent change of jobs may harm the career?


    It is good to see that you are so much concerned about your career!
    I am sure that you will definitely become a very successful man in life if you continue like this!

    See,you need to remember that success comes with time.
    If you think that you can get a salary of that of a CEO,then you are mistaken.
    You will gradually achieve that target in a period of time and given that you are putting in your 100% at work.

    But changing 5 jobs in a period of 3 years shows that you are not satisfied with what you are getting and shows that you are over ambitious!
    This record can affect you future jobs as well.
    The recruiters lay emphasis to see whether a person is loyal to the company or not.
    If you are changing so frequently,for whatever reasons,then the new recruiters will not prefer you for the job because they know that you can leave the job at any point of time.

    Hence I will suggest you to stick to one job.
    If you'll spend a healthy 2-3 years at a particular company,I am sure you'll be given a significant hike in the salary if you work properly!

    So go ahead and achieve all your dreams!


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    Re: Does frequent change of jobs may harm the career?

    Dear Friend,

    A notable hike and timely growth are the two most important traits of a successful career.

    Even a small hike is very luring for a fresher in changing jobs frequently; however, it does get noticed on your resume after a couple of job change in a short span of time.

    Any company looks for people who are willing to show their commitment towards the firm at least for 2 years of time because every company spends some amount on your training and want to get returns as well. And this looked upon stability is clearly exhibited on your resume in your past experience in previous firms.

    So, I would suggest you to maintain stability and then climb the ladder of success by grooming your competencies in the same firm. Take at least one promotion in one firm and then hop to another firm. try being in one firm at least for 2 years, and not less than that.


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    Re: Does frequent change of jobs may harm the career?

    Frequently changing jobs will effect your career.If you dont a stability in the stability in the job you may go to the state of confusion and cannot understand what to do.In order to have a clear idea on the job you are going to do.you should think about every criteria of the job.As you want to earn money among the job opportunities first think what is good in earning and what you know about it.dont spoil your future by frequent changing of jobs.

    thank you,

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    Re: Does frequent change of jobs may harm the career?

    It is a common scenario among the modern private sector especially the IT and software employees to switch jobs from one company to another.In this modern world of competition and the hike in prices of the essential commodities,everyone wants to lead a luxurious life for which money is an important and essential factor.Hence everyone wants to seek better opportunities and thus switching has become a common trend.

    However,it is true that switching jobs frequently will definitely hamper your career for its further growth.Since you will be getting experienced more and more,so you will be receiving more and more better job offers.Hence if you keep on switching jobs frequently,then the companies will lose their faith on you.From now,you have to analyze all the job opportunities and switch not often and go for only those in which there is more future scope and growth.

    Switching jobs will definitely reflect negatively on your resume.Most of the companies who look for experienced professionals take into account the CVs as an important criteria for selection.Hence this will be a negative point in your resume.Switching of jobs usually point out :-

    -Lack of commitment

    -Inability to stick to one role for long
    -Being unreliable
    -Being money-minded
    -Inability to get along with people
    -Lack of clarity in job profile

    So ensure the good aspects of the job and then switch to it.

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