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    Does fluency in English needed of opting for modelling career?

    English is my weakness and I wanted to enter in modelling career. I have a very good height, personality, fair colour, features etc.But when it comes to English I lose my every bit of confidence. Does fluent English necessary for a modelling career?

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    Re: Does fluency in English needed of opting for modelling career?

    hello friend ..

    being frank .. yes English is much needed for your modeling career. The reason is , in your question itself. Nowadays English is very popular in every country to convey your thinking or your thoughts. As you are saying , you have all the features to be and to do good in modelling , so may be you will go to different international brands, where you will show your skills , but yes if you are there , you will need English.
    But don't worry , its just language.. just try to learn and speak regularly , you will do good.

    take care.

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    Re: Does fluency in English needed of opting for modelling career?

    Dear Friend
    Congratulations on planning to join the modelling career. As to answer your question, yes i feel that English might be a necessary for you in this modelling career.
    When people look for a model, no doubt they look for your height, personality, beauty etc. But to tell you frankly, modelling is not only about beauty, itís also about brains.
    I am not saying that people who donít know English are people without brains. Itís just that they will not be able to put forth what is there in their brains.
    You donít need to worry about anything. You just have to do some hard work. Try talking to people in English whenever you can and ask them to correct you if they find you doing mistakes. Do a lot of reading, as reading can improve your communication. You can also learn to frame sentences if you do reading. Try reading the newspapers, magazines or novels if you like. Or read anything that you like. Watch English channels, preferable news channels as you can get the pronunciations correct.
    Remember one thing; there is no shortcut to success.
    Good luck....

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    Re: Does fluency in English needed of opting for modelling career?

    Re: Does fluency in English needed of opting for modelling career?

    Hi friends...,

    I think good idea.
    You must improve your speaking skills.
    You can develop your communications skills.
    You can more hard work to your modelling.
    You must do every thing in your modelling career.
    You must practice fluently speaking English.
    You must learn speaking skills in professional world is most important.
    You can develop your confidence also.

    So you can do anything in your modelling.


    ALL THE BEST.................

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    Re: Does fluency in English needed of opting for modelling career?


    Yes,speaking good English is very essential for every career aspirants specially for modelling.Everybody aspires to reach to a certain goal in life.Likewise,you will also dream of excelling in your modelling career.Intially you get work on a local basis or on your state level,there you might not need good English.But when ever you will try to get the option of modelling work on a larger or bigger platform you will be needing good hold in English,otherwise you wont be able to communicate with others,nor you will be able to follow their instructions,and it will be really difficult for you to strive their.So my suggestion to you will be,before you start your career as a model,please enroll yourself in a good Spoken English Institute so that you can learn the language properly.Also try to talk to your friends in English.Initially you will face trouble,but once you start it,gradually you will gain confidence,and the errors will be eliminated in natural process.

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    Re: Does fluency in English needed of opting for modelling career?

    Frankly says dear that English Language is most compulsory to make your career in any sector and as you know that English is an International language which is compulsory for every candidate who wants to be ahead in his/her life that is why every company write a line in their recruitment notification that - " Candidate must be fluent in English Language or Candidate should have proficiency in English speaking, talking, presenting or Should have good knowledge of communication in english language without any assistance" that is why you also have to be sincere about your career and you are talking about Modeling career which is most modern field to make career and once you enter then you will see so many big celebrities and personalities then how will you communicate with them all and when they will ask you for something then what will you answer then all so that you have to see your future first and for that you should take only 1 hour everyday for your expertise in English Language and go to any good coaching institute which provides better results in spoken english and complete it first then try for modeling.

    All the best

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    Re: Does fluency in English needed of opting for modelling career?

    English is demand of market not of modelling. Modelling requires personality include height,features . Confidence is required in every field even for living in this competitive world .
    Yes, English is a world language but not only thing that requires for modelling . Just try to learn English............Read English newspaper...........mark the new words and find their meaning..........converse in English with your parents ,friends.......finally you will become fluent in english
    Best of luck!

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    Re: Does fluency in English needed of opting for modelling career?

    Yes fluency is very much important in order to join the modeling industry. Because its not just your looks and personality that matters. In the interaction round, they'll judge your complete personality including your ability to talk and your body language and all the questions and answer round will be held in proper English. Therefore it is compulsory for you to be fluent in English.

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    Re: Does fluency in English needed of opting for modelling career?


    Now that you are looking for a modelling career and you are confident on it then English fluency should not pull you back.
    You Should work on it as English fluency is very important in this career.
    Not only this but also in every field,English is must.
    You may reach a higher end of your career and if you lack the fluency then you may get hold back for this.
    So start working on your fluency.

    -- Join a good institution where they will help you for a better communication skills and better fluency.

    --Watch english news and try to grasp their fluency and practice it by yourself.

    --Practice giving ,mock speech and guide yourself .

    Thank you

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    Re: Does fluency in English needed of opting for modelling career?


    for starting your career as a model you do not need to fluent in English.But yes for growing in future you need to command over languages and you have to learn behavioral training and way of presenting your self. you will learn English with the environment and the culture when you will enter in to the modelling profession.

    There are many models they have started there career with out knowing the English but they learn after that so you can start your career afterward you can learn English.
    Example: arjun rampal

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    Re: Does fluency in English needed of opting for modelling career?

    English Terminology will be most imperative for making your employment in any segment so when you will understand that English can be an International terminology that's imperative for each and every prospect who wants to be onward in his/her life this is the reason just about every organization write a range for their employment alert which - " Customer need to be fluent in English Terminology or even Customer needs to have talents in English communicating, speaking, showing or even Must have great familiarity with connection in British terminology without the support" this is the reason you also need to be genuine regarding occupation and you are also dealing with Acting occupation that's modern arena for making occupation once one enters then you'll definitely see a great number of significant famous people and persons then how do you talk to all of them and every time they will probably ask you for a little something then what's going to people response then most so that you have to see your potential initial for that you simply consider merely one hour or so on a daily basis on your expertise in English Terminology and visit to the great instruction company which gives far better brings about been vocal British and finished them initial then try for modeling.
    Without a doubt,communicating great English is extremely essential for just about every occupation aspirants particularly regarding modeling.Everybody aspires to achieve to some selected goal in life.Likewise,you will additionally want doing your best within your modeling career.Initially you obtain do the job using a regional foundation or even on a state level,presently there you will possibly not require great English.But when ever you may attempt to obtain the option for modeling do the job using a bigger or even more substantial program you will end up having great hold in English,or perhaps you will not manage to talk individuals,none people will stick to the directions,and it will be very hard that you endeavor their.So our suggestion to you will end up,before starting your employment seeing that one,remember to enroll oneself in a very great Voiced English Company to help you learn the words properly.Also attempt to talk with your mates in English.Initially you may encounter issues,nonetheless when you get started them,little by little you may achieve assurance,as well as the mistakes will be removed in pure process.
    When we locate a design, without a doubt they will hunt for your own length, style, elegance etc. Yet to see people so say the least, modelling is not merely pertaining to elegance, it is equally pertaining to brains.
    That does not mean that individuals that do not know Uk are generally men and women without brains. It's simply they will will be unable to set on what perhaps there is for their brains.
    You should not concern yourself with anything. Less costly carry out some hard work. Attempt discussing with individuals English regularly and get them to right people once they discover people accomplishing mistakes. Perform plenty of reading through, seeing that reading through can transform your communication. An individual can also learn to border content if you do reading. Attempt reading through the particular classifieds, periodicals or even classic tomes in the event you like. Or even read through something for you to like. Enjoy English channels, more effective news channels as you can get the particular pronunciations correct.
    Remember another thing; there isn't any step-around to success.

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