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    Does companies provide trainings to trainers also?

    I work in automobile company where monthly trainings are held. A very talented trainer comes and gives the training. Once I came to know that these trainers do give trainings to other products also. So, are these trainers too get a hard core training to train others? If yes then please suggest me some measures to move further.

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    Re: Does companies provide trainings to trainers also?

    In automobile companies training is most essential thing.without proper training if any one had enters into job it creates a problem and confusion in them.

    Trainers are those who trains the works regarding the works that he has to do.

    Even trainers will have training by the company in order to have good grip over the things he has to train to the other and without making any mistakes.

    for example if the automobile company deals with auto's then trainer must give training about the fixing of parts in a proper to the auto.painting them etc .trainer will have a great scope over it ............

    thank you

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