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    Do Nepal citizens need visa to work in India?

    I want to know that if Nepalese need visa to work in India. Is there any problem for Nepalese to avail any benefits providing by company? What are the special benefits provided to Nepalese employees?

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    Re: Do Nepal citizens need visa to work in India?

    helllo guest !!
    yes i think that nepalese need visa for going to india or any other country ,because visa itself is a ticket to any countryand if you are going to country other than yours than surely you will require visa for this ,although you are comming to yours neighbour country you will require visa for this.

    yse,nepalese have benifit from the company but they will be given general benifits as it is given to foreign employee. thats it.
    pushp ranjan singh

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    Re: Do Nepal citizens need visa to work in India?


    No, the citizen of Nepal does not need any visa to work in india. A treaty was signed
    between India and Nepal in the year 1950. According to that treaty people of Nepal can
    stay in india for unlimited times and open even Bank account. There is a great degree of
    similarity of culture, religion, languages and other facotrs between the people of Nepal and

    There is no special benefits for Nepalese citizen by any indian company. they can work like
    their indian counterparts in India.

    So, best of luck you don't nedd visa and work permit at all in India .


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