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    Do I need to pay for workers fatal injuries for his own carelessness?

    I have employed 50 workers under me to complete an assigned project. All the workers have performed till day, but previous day i was absent for some personal reason. Some of the workers were drunk and performing the job which resulted in a fatal injury in one of the worker. All the Workers are demanding the medical charge for the treatment of that worker. I do not have sufficient balance to pay the charges. Is there any ways by which I can handle such situation?

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    satish Array
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    Re: Do I need to pay for workers fatal injuries for his own carelessness?

    first get a clear thing that what happened at your place when you were absent and try to get information regarding it and find out who is responsible for this from the other employees who were present at the time of the incident.
    ask directly to the injured person how it happened and ask him who is responsible whether he is responsible for his own situation or anyone did this to him.
    if there is any problem from your side then its better to give him the charges for his medication and hospitality.
    thank you................

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    Re: Do I need to pay for workers fatal injuries for his own carelessness?

    The problem is, since you are the employer, and the 50 workers work under you, you will be held responsible for anything that happens while they are at work. Whether you were present during the injury or not is not important. The important thing is that, it took place while they were at work. So eventually the liability comes to you. You can evade the liability partially, but not fully. The mishap took place as some of the workers were not in normal condition, they were drunk ! You can convince them by saying that you cannot take the responsibility if some one comes to work in a drunken state. If still they don't cooperate with you, then agree to pay half of his medical expenses.

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    Re: Do I need to pay for workers fatal injuries for his own carelessness?

    hello friend,
    I think you should help him and give some amount so that he gets satisfied.
    This amount is just like investment for you. As you would help him, other workers will also get satisfied and will try to work hard so that they could be upto your satisfaction.
    Your good will also increase and in future if in any case you want some help like if you are approaching to deadline time limit and you need workers for overtime, then they would help you and will try to complete work as you helped them.
    And about the victim employee, you could get some extra work from him in return so that the money you invested on him is paid back to you.

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    Re: Do I need to pay for workers fatal injuries for his own carelessness?

    As he is one of the employees of you and the incident happened in your office you will have a responsibility to pay money for his medical expenses.you ask your injured workers who is responsible for his injury because it happened in absence of you.warn all your workers to dont comes to office if they come by drinking.As the injury happened in your office you should pay atleast a some money for his health expenses.

    all the best

    thank you

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    Re: Do I need to pay for workers fatal injuries for his own carelessness?

    Dear as per statutory rules, you will have to provide medical treatment to the injured worker at good equipped hospital and it is your minimum responsibility to act.If they are covered under group personal accident policy the insurance company will give the salary for the leave period. you need not pay. If not you will have to pay the expenses to the doctor. secondly you must have to concentrate the workers who are in drunken condition cause no doubt this is a serious misconduct and very dangerous also & subsequently if you are not taking any action against him others will follow the same route.Please take care while dealing with very wisely such type of issues .Regards

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