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    -Discrimination in my work place in Government Office

    I am working in a government office and belong to a low class family. My peers and colleagues have come to know about it and directly or indirectly insult me and treat me badly. This has made hard 4 me to work. Whom can i complain? Can I offer for a transfer. Please help.

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    Re: -Discrimination in my work place in Government Office

    Hi aspirant

    I think you should not be thinking of a transfer right now and should think about raising your voice against such injustice. You should not let these people take undue advantage of you and should stand upto them. You should teach them such a lesson that they don't practice such discrimination with anyone else in future. You should tell them to their face what you think of this ridiculous behaviour of theirs.

    The next time they insult you in such a manner , tell them that you are fed up of their behaviour and constantly insulting you in such a manner. You will not withstand such nonsense from now on and if they dare to insult you in this manner and to discriminate against you on the basis of your family background, you will straightaway go and complain to the higher authorities. You hope that they will take this as a warning and never repeat this again.

    I am sure this rebellion will definitely make them feel ashamed of their manners and hopefully they will never repeat such behaviour with you. Otherwise you straightaway go to the higher authorities and complain against them. Then they will definitely learn their lesson. Good luck

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    Re: -Discrimination in my work place in Government Office

    Hii, well you should raise your voice against this. There are departmet in the government offices too now where you can complain about it. They will fo sure listen your problem and action will be taken. Otherwise you can talk to higher authorties for that too.Thanks

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