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    Discrimination during appraisal in pharmaceutical company with female sales executive

    As a female sales executive, I have been doing field work for the last 2 years but I got an average annual appraisal. My male colleague who is also holding similar profile in the pharmaceutical company has got higher appraisal plus perks. We all work hard and achieved proven track record but still discrimination happens. How should I talk it out without much hype?

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    Re: Discrimination during appraisal in pharmaceutical company with female sales executive

    Hi buddy

    You should not let such injustice and discrimination happen with you and should definitely raise your voice against such discrimination. You should not be afraid whether it will create hype or not and thus try to fight this situation bravely. If you deserved a better appraisal than what you got then you should make this known to your manager so that he realises his mistake and never repeats such a thing with you or any other employee again.

    Tell him that this year you got just an average appraisal but your colleague who has the same track record as you got a higher appraisal than you even though both of you have proven track records. You want to know the reason for such discrimination and hope that it won't be repeated again as it is very bad for the reputation of the company.

    I am sure your manager will understand you and thus will never do such discrimnation from now on. All the best

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    Re: Discrimination during appraisal in pharmaceutical company with female sales executive

    Hi aspirant,
    You should first know that any kind of discrimination happens because we usually do not raise our voice against it. So you must make sure to make your employer aware about the fact that it is unfair on his part to provide higher appraisal to male employees than female employee even when you work as hard and as dedicatedly as your male co- workers.
    If this is of no help to you , you can report to the manager of your company or the HR department and ask them to help you on this by speaking to your employer and convincing him that you deserve an appraisal on an equal basis .
    Also, you must demand the rules book or policy guidelines of the organisation which generally contains policies on non-discrimination in the organisation. You can quote the same in your communication on this topic with your boss and tell him that you can take legal help if the issue is not resolved.
    So, remember that it is your right to receive equal treatment in the office and no such discrimination should be tolerated by you or any other female employee.
    Good Luck..

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    Re: Discrimination during appraisal in pharmaceutical company with female sales executive

    Dear there is no doubt that you are a hardworking person in your company and providing the best you can do for your company and service for it from last 2 years which is a large time for because sales and marketing is not so easy job and the candidate must be responsible to sale the product with complete target and in a limited time duration and if you found failure in this work then you would not be preferred by the manager or the company and you may loose your job but still you are in the job by providing the best so that we may know that how much and what good you have contributed to your company and this is not going good with you that your co-worker who is having same profile, work experience and knowledge is getting high payout than you and you are also having the same criteria even after not getting enough which is important for you so that dear you should go to the manager directly and ask them for your performance means you should ask about your working status and current performance in the company and also ask about the performance of your co-worker and ask them that which one is the best in working in sales field and if they say that you are then you should immediately ask them that sir why are you not providing me enough salary according to my work when my co-worker is getting more than me, why this discrimination is there between both of us and if i have done something wrong or if i did not complete my work ever in the company then please inform me about that so i could refine it again, so i hope that they would understand your problem and hike your salary

    All the best

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    Re: Discrimination during appraisal in pharmaceutical company with female sales executive

    Hello Mam,
    If you think this appraisal is unfair and injustice done with you though you have performed upto the mark and achieved the target then you should reject this appraisal.then your Performance will be reviewed by a panel of managers consisting of HR and other Managers not from your team or project.
    then if they find the issue is genuine and need to do something then they will definitely increase the ratings and appraisal eventually.and this rejection of your appraisal will be affect your managers appraisal..which is also a set back for your manager.
    so dont worry regarding what you have got try to gather all the data regarding what you have done over the last one year,all appraisals,all projct work,contribution towards project and team...etc and highlight them at the meeting . that will help you to get what you deserve.
    Thank you.

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