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    Director ignoring my plea of removing an item song from the movie

    I am an assistant director working under a well known director. He is a very generous person and also treats me very well. But I dislike his fall towards the greed of money. We have worked hard to bring up a drama movie that shows the prevailing sufferings in the village areas due to government negligence. This movie is for all ages of people, but he wants to introduce an item song in to it to secure the Box office collection. It is hampering my ethics I am unable to decide what to do?

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    Re: Director ignoring my plea of removing an item song from the movie

    First of all an item song will not effect the box office collection much, there are many movies without an item song that gain good collection at box office. The thing that effect box office atleast now a days is the content of the movie. And as you are saying the content of the movies is itself not such that it needs an item song as it not an item song type movie. You can make your director understand in the manner that as the movie base is not an entertainer rather than is based on giving a social message with lot of thinking behind it so the item song is not at all going to help the movie as the audience of such movie will not like it. Tell him that the concept of the movie and the item song doesn't match in any sense. As the movie is more of a serious cinema type . Atleast you can suggest him that not to include the song in the movie and use it only for promotion if he thinks that this is going to effect the collection and considers it as a must.

    Also it is not the fault of director. He is trying to get best collection from his movie so that he can make the producers happy with his work after all the money invested in the movie is by the producers and they will like to get maximum profit from there investment. And if they get a good return than only they will invest again on the director.

    So as an assistant director you can only give him suggestions and if he don't like than you must not try much against it as this will not help much but can create problems for you.

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    Re: Director ignoring my plea of removing an item song from the movie

    Re: Director ignoring my plea of removing an item song from the movie
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    See,it is good that you are so much concerned about the people in our society.
    As the times are changing,the movies have started a trend of inducting an item song.
    It is such that now a days,you won't find a movie that does not have an item song.

    But in your case,I personally feel that there is no need for an item song.
    The movie that you are preparing is a drama and it is set in a village.
    It raises key problems and issues in the villages.
    Then it does not make any sense to include an item number.
    It simply does not fit into the scenario.

    As you told me that your Director is generous and very kind to you,I will suggest you to talk to him regarding this issue.
    Tell him that the movie is for all ages of people.
    By including a item song,we are restricting the audience.
    And it does not make sense to include an item number in a dramatic movie that focuses on the problems of people living in the villages.
    Tell him that there will be a chance of censor board cutting the item song as well if it is vulgar!
    I'm sure that he'll rethink upon his decision and change his mind!


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