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    Difficult pregnancy but official trip abroad on cards

    I have a difficult advanced stage pregnancy and wine tasting project requires me to travel abroad to Prague. I have been working on this project from scratch. Top management is ignoring my situation and insisting to go ahead. I canít afford to ignore my health at this stage.

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    Re: Difficult pregnancy but official trip abroad on cards

    For you your health is a measure issue.
    But to solve this problem you have to talk to boss regarding this.
    You tell him/her that it is matter of two lives and if something wrong happens then the company or the boss will be responsible for it.
    Youmay use very polite manners and do a request in friendly way.
    You may also submit documentary proofs in support of your condition.
    Now your boss may consider the matter and postpone the trip or
    it may so happen that he gives you forever leave.
    But you should not be worried about this.
    Pray to god, be calm, with your family cooperation let you give birth to a new baby successfully.
    Enjoy motherhood.
    Then if possible join job afterwards.
    Your quality and performance records will be considered by your employers.
    Bye take care.

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    Re: Difficult pregnancy but official trip abroad on cards

    Hi aspirant

    You should definitely not ignore your health at this important stage of your pregnancy otherwise you may have to face troubles later on. You should strictly tell your management that you are not going to pursue this project any further till you recover fully after your delivery. Your management should be sympathetic towards its employees and should not behave in such a manner. they should better realise their responsibilities towards their employees and not behave in such a heartless manner.

    You should immediately go to your higher authorities and discuss this matter with them. Tell them you have a very difficult advanced stage pregnancy and thus are going to avail your maternity leave right now as advised to you by your doctor. You are sorry but you wouldn't be able to travel abroad to Prague for this project. You are also sad to leave this project now but at present the health of your baby and your health are of utmost importance to you. You hope that they will understand your situation as you can't take any undue stress at this time and need complete rest.

    I am sure your company will understand you. Good luck

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