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    Did not serve Notice Period and problem in getting Releaving Letter


    I have resigned my employer due to my mother health problem in November 10, 2012 and i was asked to serve 2 months notice period and i could not serve the notice period and discontinued going to office since November 23, 2012.

    I have got letters from my employer saying as i absconded hence i have been termonated from services.

    After 5 months i started searching for jobs and as the releaving letter in compulsory i have approched HR of my previous employer and they have confirmed me that i have to settled F&F amount after which they can issue me releaving letter ASAP.

    Based on this mail clarification i have paid a DD on the name of employer as mention in E-mail and now HR is saying that my manager has asked me not to issue letter and wait.

    I did not had any issue with my manager or anybody in the company and now they are unnecessarily harrasing me due to the delay now i am loosing offer from other employers.

    Please help me in best approach which should be mine to get the releaving letter at the earliest.

    Thanks and Regards

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