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    Did not get the best performer award this year after winning it continuously for the past 3 years

    I am working in a private company. Every year our company gives the Best Performer award to the most deserving employee. I have been winning it continuously for the past but unfortunately didn’t win it this year. Now I am very sad and am unable to concentrate on my work. How to overcome this situation and come out as a winner?

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    Re: Did not get the best performer award this year after winning it continuously for the past 3 years

    As you mention that from past 3 years you are winner of best performance award in your company. This indicates that you are hard working and company sometimes also give same award to another person to increase their level of confident. At same time company also challenge you that your new colleague have a very tough competition with you.
    So it may be company policy because from this you try to perform more hard as compare to previous and from this type of positive competition company have more benefit.
    So just perform more hard and have a positive competition . I am pretty sure you get the success very soon.

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    Re: Did not get the best performer award this year after winning it continuously for the past 3 years

    Dear if you have not received the best performer award for this year then you should not be disappointed over that because before being dispersed you should try to think about the actual cause behind this because you was winning this best performer of the year award continuously for the past three years that was very motivating for you and encouraged you to work more for the company and give best that you can and this is right that you are unable to concentrate on your work because you did not get this award which was the responsible to provide energy and positiveness in your mind for your work and obviously you will be disappointed on this issue because you was confident about to win this award and worked hard for that but did not receive so there may be some reason and you should try to find out the actual reason

    First of all you should start being sad at this part of the profession and secondly find out the reason that why didn't you receive this prize because there is something inside that is better than you and your work so may be that the person who received this prize is better than you in his work and whatever done by him/her is the best for the company during the past year and manager and other higher authorities of your company who check the performance and analyze the best one among all the employees working in the company are the best at their work because they eliminated you and other employees from the list and just shortlisted only one name who was the best performer for the past year so you should try to accept this thing in your mind that the person who received the award was better than you in the last year that is why he received what he deserve for and try to make yourself better than him in the work and everything among profession then you can win this award

    This is the time when you should learn that you are not only the best performer, others can do better than you so you should try to understand that how much you have to struggle to be better than that of him and other employees so just go back on your work and concentrate more because you have to win that award back so work is everything and keep your attitude simple, candid, modest and disciplined in office with everyone

    All the best

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