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    Details about ESI act (Employee state insurance act)?

    I want to know the full details about Employee state insurance act. Is it different from provident fund act? How is it beneficial for the employee? How can one apply for it & are it applicable only for private sector employees?

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    Re: Details about ESI act (Employee state insurance act)?

    Dear Friend the ESI act applies for all the establishments which come under its jurisdiction or to those establishment whose medical benefits are not better tan that of ESI. ESI is a social security scheme and it is entirely different from that of Provident fund act. ESI only deals with medical related benefits, whereas the PF is a secured fund for the future. there are 5 major benefits (Panchadeepa) of ESI - Medical benefits- where all the medical expenses medicines etc are taken care of. Sickness benefit - you get leaves for which the ESI pays. Dependent benefit - where your direct dependents will get medical benefits. disablement benefits - you will get pension if you are disabled. maternity benefit - maternity benefit for pregnant women. the ESI scheme is only applicable for those employees who's salary or wages is less than 15 thousand. for the contribution 1.75% of your gross salary from your account and 4.75% of your salary from the employer's account will be deducted and be paid to the ESI corporation. to avail the benefit, your employer has to enrol you under the scheme even if you have worked only for 1 day. you will be given a temporary card initially and later you will be a given a permanent card which include the photo of you and your family (dependents). you can show this card and avail the benefits. this is in brief about the ESI act. for further information you can contact your HR person.... good luck.

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    Re: Details about ESI act (Employee state insurance act)?


    * This act may be called as Employee state insurance act 1948
    * It extend to whole India
    * Employee get the advantage of medical benefit.
    * There are various regulation which you need to read.
    * Click here to go to pdf format of the article.
    * Must read the full provision as told.
    * There are various other benefit schemes under this.


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