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    Designation after getting selected for SCARA?

    Sir, This is Akshay, if i have selected for SCARA, what will be my work to do in railway Department i mean what will be my Designation?

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    Re: Designation after getting selected for SCARA?

    hello friend,

    Sorry if i am mistaken here...i think its SCRA(Special Class Railway Apprentice) not SCARA ...

    SCRA (Special Class Railway Apprenticeship) Exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)

    Types of Indian railway services Job Designation:

    The Indian Railway Traffic Service
    This branch of the Indian Railways looks after transportation and commercial matters pertaining to transportation. The branch is further divided into two divisions:

    • The commercial division: This division deals with all commercial responsibilities like ticket checking, catering, administration and management of stations, reservation, platform announcements etc.
    • The operations division: This division deals with controlling movement of the trains, keeping a check on incoming and outgoing trains.
    A career with the IRTS begins with 3 years of probationary training. The training is carried out for 2 years at Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy of Administration in Mussourie, zonal training centres and incorporates on the job training.

    Indian Railway Accounts Service (IRAS)

    This branch of the Railways deals with the accounting and finance operations of the Indian Railway. Appointed officers of the IRAS begin their careers with two years of probationary service.

    Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS)

    This division handles all matters relating to recruitment, promotions, training and even staff welfare, staff welfare activities, transfers, disciplinary actions and so on. The officers of the personnel department also undergo a 3-year probation period.

    Railway Protection Service/ Railway Protection Force

    This branch of the Indian Railway Services operates as other para-military forces. They are responsible for the maintenance of law and order on trains and on premises owned and used by the Indian Railways. On recruitment a RPF officer undergoes training for 3 years at Baroda, Lucknow and Police training establishments

    Railway Engineering Services

    It is the technical side of the Indian Railways and is engaged in activities like installation, maintenance, construction and planning of railway tracks, bridges and buildings.

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    Re: Designation after getting selected for SCARA?

    There is no such exam named SCARA. There is only SCRA. SCRA means Special Class Railway Apprentices. It is an exam conducted by the union Public Service Commission. After section you have to be trained in Mechanical Engineering at the IRIMEE, Jamalpur. IRIMEE means Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Railways Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. IRSME was started way back in 1927. After the candidate has successfully completed his training at IRSME the candidate has to take a higher level training program and after that they will become Group A officers.

    After completion of probation in the post of Group A officer you will be posted as junior Scale Officer. If the authority are satisfied with your work you will be promoted as the Senior Scale which will be done after 2 years from the date of appointment of junior scale officer.

    Then the next promotion post is the Junior Administrative Grade for 8-10 years of successful completion in senior scale officer. After 10 years you will be given a selection grade.

    The next promotion post is the Senior Adminsitrative Grade which is also equalent to the Join Secretary, Government of india. You will become Senior administrative Grade after 16 to 18 years of service. The candidates appointed as senior administrative grade will be the head of various workshops functioning at the headquarters office, as additional divisional manager or as the Executive Director in the railway board.

    After this the nest level is Divisional Railway manager even though the pay scale will be the same. This promotion will be done only after 6 years experience as Senior Administrate Grade. Divisional Railway Manager will be head of the division level.

    Now there are 67 divisions and hence there will be 67 divisional managers. The main work will be with regard to the running of train and will also include loco sheds, coaching deposts and wagon deports. Each head of these group will report to the Divisional Manager and they will work according to the railway board guidelines.

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