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    Demotivating the female co workers

    My boss in the PR agency demotivates the female team workers extremely. It is a negative approach which upsets us badly. How should we convey and fight back such discriminatory attitude.

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    Rituja Array
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    Re: Demotivating the female co workers


    There some men suffer from superiority complex of being male.They consider women to be subordinate to them.And it is almost impossible to change their mentality towards women.You cant help it.You have to work there with your own strength and potential.Be professional at your work.If you are the team leader,then motivate your co-workers.Dont let your boss's attitude bother your flow of work.Since he is your boss,you cannot disrespct him,but his negative vibe should not effect you and your co-workers.

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    Re: Demotivating the female co workers

    It is absolutely annoying to hear that such kind of discrimination still exists in professional world now when woman are working as the CEOs of some top companies. You should directly go and tell your boss in the PR agency that such demotivating remarks will not be tolerated by you and you have a lot of potential and you absolutely can achieve greater heights than anyone else. YOu should make it clear through your performance at your work that you are not less than any of the male members and infact you are better.

    People who let themselves be demotivated by their boss are bigger fools than the boss who demotivates them. I hope that you stand up for all the wrong that is being said to you. You should tell your boss in the PR agency that you are not going to tolerate such words and that you have been proving yourself by doing much better than most of the other male colleagues. You should set examples of hardwork and sincerity in your office. It is a great responsibilty on your shoulders to prove yourself.

    You should take these demotivating remarks as a challenge and aspire to do better with each passing day. Incase your boss doesn't stop these comments then you should resign from such an organization where there is no repect for the kind of work that you do. But before resigning I suggest that you should prove yourself by bringing about a revolutionary change. I am sure that you can achieve the zenith and will be able to curb the derogatory remarks of your boss. All the best!

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    Re: Demotivating the female co workers

    hello guest !!

    thanks for thinking about females membersin todays date.
    since your boss discourage and demotivates the female coworkers than you cant take the favour of those female worker otherwise knife will be on your side.
    so for this you ask the females workers to talk to the boss,about themselves that what is the problem with them and ask them for any improvement in their work due to which boss is not happy.
    because if female will ask their problem from boss than it will be other thing and if you will ask than it will be issue and you might haveto sufferfrom anf misfortune.

    hope you are understanding what i said.
    pushp ranjan singh

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    Re: Demotivating the female co workers

    You should Teach your Boss That Females are strong enough By your good work. Fully concentrate on your work and do best on your part and this is only real way nby which you can win confidence of your Boss and show your Boss what the women are?

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    Re: Demotivating the female co workers

    The generation has changed and we are in the era where women are more competative and hardworking than men.
    Studies say that women have more managerial skills than men and they are more capable in handling things and managing it well.
    I would say do your work effiiciently and well.
    If you find someone demotivating you then fightback.
    or else ignore them coz they dont worth commenting or critising women.
    Thank you

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    Re: Demotivating the female co workers

    Remember something.
    A women has sufficient potential to create, nourish and grow with responsibility.
    Do not take the comments of your boss in a negative way, It will drag you towards low.
    Be positve and work with sufficient strength, sincerity.
    Coordinate with all whether men or women.
    Never comment back in front of your boss.
    Your work efficiency should not decrease in any case.
    One day you will show your ability as an employee, prove yourself among the men dominated atmosphere and finally your boss's mind.
    Hope for the best.
    Bye take care.

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