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    Demotivated by my employer being an excellent performer

    I am an operations officer. All the basic important works comes under me. Being the fact that I am an excellent performer which my seniors also appreciate, my General Manager always demotivates me regarding my work so that I cannot speak for my salary hikes. What should be done as its affecting my concentration over work?

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    Re: Demotivated by my employer being an excellent performer

    The level of competition these days is very high.Every one is craving for better and better job and its prospects and is striving hard for it.Moreover,the job vacancies and promotion prospects jobs are less.As a result,one has to face high number challenges to get the desired goals.The competition level in the private sector is very high as everyone wants to get more and more professional and get promotion and perks as well as other better prospects.

    You should not feel demotivated on the remarks of your employer.This is because demotivation can affect your job severely.It can make an easy task look tough.It can make you lose interest in your work.As a consequence,it can affect your performance severely and hence can affect your career as well.So you should not let any type of demotivation come within your professional life.

    Inorder to combat demotivation,here are few suggestions.Try to analyze the positive points of your employer.Try to learn from his remark's positive aspects and try to incorporate them in your work.Analyze the weak points within you and your limitations.Try to improve in those areas and try to find an alternative way so that your weaknesses do not come in the mid-way.Analyze your work properly.Try to compete with yourself.This will help you to improve.

    You should take this kind of remark from your boss as a challenge inorder to prove him that you are worthy enough.
    You must remember and implement that there is no substitute to hard work and you should strive in with your hard work to achieve success.Do not leave any room for complaint and then see what your boss have to say.Thenafter,you can definitely claim about hike in your salary.

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    Re: Demotivated by my employer being an excellent performer

    Hi friend,

    Most of the employees facing same situation. It is part of professional life. We as human beings never satisfies any one completely. It is impossible but we need to try to satisfy maximum we can.

    May be you have strong knowledge in one area. But you need to improve in another aspect. So go through your boss comments, analyse them try to improve in that area.

    Observe your colleagues take their suggestions. Try to mingle with people. Be friendly. Remember there is no substitute for hardwork.

    All the best!!!

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