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    Demeaning links ups with boss

    One of my colleagues in the PR agency makes fun of the female counterparts in a lowly manner. Recently, I bagged a promotion and he has been spreading rumours about my link ups. It is demeaning and I want to pursue this case. Please help me with the procedure to hold him guilty.

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    Re: Demeaning links ups with boss

    dear aspirant,
    this is very normal situation every one other guy doesn't tolerate others success in that state they throw tantrums on you for their ego satisfaction and often win over the situation if it works.in order to prove him guilty show some attitude by which he in turn feels insecure throwing tantrums at you.

    Thank u

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    Re: Demeaning links ups with boss

    Hi friend

    I think such low manners are not bearable and anybody with such low moral values should certainly be taught a good lesson for the cheap tactics and bad values he is practicing. He should be taught to respect women and to treat them like he treats his mother and sister. He should be certainly be taught some basic manners and also that making fun of females in such a lowly manner is uncalled for . Spreading rumours about someone is another cheap practice which he is following and must realise that this is immoral and highly low and cheap. He certainly has a conscience and I am sure he just needs to be guided in the right direction and taught a good lesson by someone.

    I thinking before directly filing a case against him for the demeaning things he is doing to you, you should first talk to him. Tell him on his face whatever is in your mind . Tell him he should immediately stop this behaviour of his and stop spreading rumours about the linkups between you and the female employees. He should not spread any rumour about anyone as that is bad manners. He should try to improve upon his manners and try to be a good and moral person rather than being an immoral human being.

    Even after your reprimanding him , if he still doesnt try to mend his ways then you should certainly pursue a case against him. Gather all the evidence against his behaviour and also all the eye-witnesses. Then file a complaint against him and sue him legally. Consult your lawyer for more clarity.This will teach him a lesson for life.

    I hope you understand . Give him one chance atleast. i hope he improves. good luck and Thanks

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    Re: Demeaning links ups with boss

    Re: Demeaning links ups with boss


    You should talk to your Boss regarding this and request him to take the necessary actions against the people who are spreading these rum ours.
    You are getting defamed by such rum ours and you must ask your Boss to do something about this and stop this nuisance as soon as possible.
    This is not good for you and the Boss as well.


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    Re: Demeaning links ups with boss

    Hi aspirant

    1) Complain against him to your higher management.
    2) Tell them about his behaviour and that how he has linked your name to a female employee
    3) Tell them that he is doing it because he is jealous of your promotion.
    4) Tell him his bad behaviour with the females and how he makes fun of them.
    5) They should give him a final warning.
    6) He should be surely terminated on continuing with the same behaviour.

    Best of luck and Thanks

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    Re: Demeaning links ups with boss

    Hello !!

    you might have listen these phrase :-
    elephant walks in the market center and dogs barks hundred and hundred.

    this case is same with your friend also.
    by this statement i don't want to demoralise this forum but i said this to make you understand that there are many people in this world who cant tolerate others happiness, and your friend is among one of them.

    so if you want him to regreet for his mistake, so it seems to be little difficult but not impossible.
    because his activities are directly related to his character and character is difficult to change but yes, this can be improved.
    so go and ask your friend that who told him that you are having your uplinks.
    and tell him that you and other people don't like the way you deal with them especially you.
    so tell him gently that don't react in the way it hurts us.

    if he is good person from inside, he will surely get improved than now.
    hope i am clear to you.
    pushp ranjan singh

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    Re: Demeaning links ups with boss

    In this case you should take up this matter with the HR team first.

    Tell the HR team about the whole issue in detail.
    Than they will investigate and if they find that the guy is spreading rumours, they would be calling him for a meeting.
    The company never wants such elements working with them, so they will definitely take action against him.
    Also involve your boss in your convesation with the HR team

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