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    Is Deloitte a software company or Business Management based company?

    We came to know that Deloitte will be coming to campus by end of the year but I am not sure what is the mode of working there. Is it a software company or business management based company? Can you please provide me the required details for it? What preparations are needed for it?

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    Re: Is Deloitte a software company or Business Management based company?

    Deloitte is a very good organization and is basically an audit form and is comprises of both software field as well as business and management field.It is the second largest professional services network in the present world from revenue point of view.It provides audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk and financial advisory services.It has its branches in more than 100 countries of the world.The various services provided by it are :-

    - Provides the organization's traditional accounting and audit services, as well as offerings in enterprise risk management, information security and privacy, data quality and integrity, project risk, business continuity management, internal auditing and IT control assurance.
    -Assists clients by providing services in the areas of enterprise applications, technology integration, strategy & operations, human capital, and short-term outsourcing.
    -Provides corporate finance services to clients, including dispute, personal and commercial bankruptcy, forensics, e-discovery, document review, advisory and valuation services.

    It offers a variety of career roles.It is a very good company to start your career as :-
    -It gives a lot of exposure.
    -It gives good salary.
    -Working in Deloitte will enhance your reputation.
    -Working in Deloitte will give you satisfaction as it is given the best working place within top 100 of the world.

    You need to know your subjects well especially the concepts.You should have good aptitude and have leadership skills.You should have a good resume.These are the basic criteria for selection in Deloitte.

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    Re: Is Deloitte a software company or Business Management based company?


    Deloitte is a Big Four Consulting and Audit firms, the other three being PWC, KPMG and Ernst & Young. It is a very
    prestigious gompany around the world. It has various divisions such as consulting, software, audit and professionla
    services. It has presence of over 150 countries with around 1,90,000 employees worldwide.

    The working life at Deloitte is very good. You should prepare well in advance. You can find Deloitte sample questiona
    papers on the internet.Download sone and prepare well.


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