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    Delay in assessment of profile

    I have been recently appointed as Customer Delight Manager in a reputed automobile company. But for this profile one has to clear an assessment test at headquarters for being as onrolls.It has been 3 months and no confirmation date of the above has come yet. I am confused what to do? Please guide me.

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    Re: Delay in assessment of profile

    Hi aspirant

    You should certainly give and clear this test whcih is the main criteria for getting you the post of Customer Delight manager permanently. Otherwise you will be just considered a temporary employee until you clear the above mentioned test. Thus you have no job security at present thus should clarify this matter with your management as soon as possible. Go to your manager's office and talk to him at length and clarify all your doubts.

    Tell your manager that you still have to give your assessment test for being on onroll for this post of the customer delight manager. Ask him about the delay of the test and also that you haven't got any confirmation date for the same . It has been 3 months and you are really worried now as you want to follow the proper procedure to get this job permanently for the sake of your security. Thus you request him to help you out by giving a date for the test so that you can give the test and clear it.

    I am sure your manager will solve this problem of yours otherwise you can also speak to your HR who are also concerned with such things. I hope you pass this test with flying colours and thus are relieved of this tension. All the best buddy and Thanks

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