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    Courses along with engineering for better professional career?

    I am pursuing engineering course from a government institute. Most of my seniors advice me doing extra courses along with engineering as it is tough to get good job in the market of recession. What sort of extra courses should be done to have a good impression in the interviews in future?

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    Re: Courses along with engineering for better professional career?

    Yes,it is quite difficult to get a good and satisfactory job in the market of recession.There are various courses which you can do along with engineering.The courses will not only increase your knowledge but also will be an additional benefit during selection process of recruitment.You can do various courses related to your stream as well as other streams.You can even do online courses for free.

    You can do the following courses :-
    -Auto CAD
    -Piping Stress Analysis
    -Computer Aided Manufacture
    -Tool Design
    -CNC Machining
    -Telecom Fundamentals

    -Telecom Protocol Development course
    -Software Testing Training on Domains (Telecom(BSS/OSS)
    -Telecom professional mentoring programs
    -Certified Transmission Professional
    -Signaling Connection Control Part (SCCP)
    -Artificial Intelligence

    -Wndows Management and Networking.
    -Embedded Optimization .
    -Hybrid computing

    It is better to do few courses of your stream along with few other from other branches.This will help you in building a dynamic personality.You can do various online free course conducted by edX related to electronics,computer science,chemistry,etc.You can also do training programmes in various companies like BSNL,SIEMENS,etc. and learn courses related to industrial world.

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    Re: Courses along with engineering for better professional career?

    Hi friend

    1) Doing extra courses ids the need of the hour.
    2) You certainly require these extra courses to have an edge over the others in the job placements.
    3) You can do a course in any computer language like Java , C, C+
    4) Also you can do any foreign language like French, German
    5) Try to do any charity work
    6) Partr time jobs will also be helpful
    7) Also do extra curricular activities.

    Good luck

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    Re: Courses along with engineering for better professional career?

    I really appreciate the fact that you are aware about your future and you are planning to take the right steps right from your degree. It is true that in such a period of recession jobs are very difficult to get. Also one more important thing is that when you will graduate there will be a hundred more students like you who will be graduating. It is the extra curriculars that you have to your credit that will take you a long way. Its all about standing out in a crowd.

    The following courses can help you:
    1. Learning C, JAVA, Advanced Java, HTML, Dot net can be very beneficial for you.
    2. MATLAB is a very good software that is helpful for job purposes.
    3. For designing purposes you need to get knowledge about COREL, Photoshop etc.
    4. You can also learn some foreign language like French, German etc. Doing these courses from a recognized institute will open a whole new world of opportunities for you.

    Other than these courses you should also make sure that you become a member of various societies or clubs in your college. You should try to take up a position of responsibilty in such organizations as they will help you in grooming yourself and at the same time will bring recognition to you. These things are definitely noticed by the recruiters. Today a recruiter wants a multifaceted persdonality. A graduation degree can be obtained by everyone but what makes you different is what you have actually achieved during the course of your graduation. All the best!

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    Re: Courses along with engineering for better professional career?

    Along with engineering degree a candidate can do MBA courses master in business administration helps an engineer to get respect/high salary/high posts and resposibility too.To do MBA a candidate to get minimum 50% marks in graduation to get eligibility for MBA entrance examination.An engineering candidate can do CAT(common admission test)which is conducted by Indian Institute of Management through out the INDIA.This is the best MBA entrance exam those candidate who get above 80% marks in CAT they are eligible to get IIM colleges.

    Thank you,

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