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    Which countries support Indian Nursing Degree?

    It is my dream to work as a nurse overseas and I am currently pursuing my degree in nursing from college in Bhopal, India. I want to know which countries support Indian nursing degree without having to take any extra courses?

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    Re: Which countries support Indian Nursing Degree?

    There are lot of countries which support Indian nursing degree:
    It is also supported by
    United states
    Unites kingdom

    so you can get do work in India ,and other countries also.

    all the best
    thank you

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    Re: Which countries support Indian Nursing Degree?


    nursing course is administered by Indian nursing council located at new Delhi.

    if you have the correct qualification you can get the jobs in foreign countries like, Australia, Netherlands,USA, Ireland,and Arab countries..

    these countries take Indian nurses mainly because of the care taken by the our nurse to the patients.

    thank you..

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