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    Coordinator unnecessarily asks the staff members to come to school even on holidays

    I work as a senior teacher in a private school. The coordinator has started this new trend of calling the teachers to school even on holidays for no good reason. After reaching school the teachers sit idle and while away their time. Please suggest how can we bring this matter up in front of the Principal.

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    Re: Coordinator unnecessarily asks the staff members to come to school even on holidays

    Well according to the indian constitution there are some fundamental rights of the citizens of india and one of the important right is right to freedom.
    So no one can force you to do anything because you have a right to choose what is good and what is bad.
    If you are continuosly going to work everyday in the expectation that on the off day you will go to the movie with the family for making yourself and the family relaxed.
    But after getting the news that you need to go to the office on the day off makes your mind disturbed and all the planning get wasted.
    So in these situation only the complaint of a single person never work in favour because for that you need to be united because all the employees are facing such issues so if you all go to the higher authority that its not good that working on the day off. because it makes the planning towards the family flop.
    So this thing should be removed from the companies rule that you need to work on the day off.
    If they are not listening to you then it will be better for you try for the better job than this because if they do it once then it will go for a long time and on and on and on on.
    So think about it and take the decision.

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    Re: Coordinator unnecessarily asks the staff members to come to school even on holidays

    Sir if you are a senior teacher and believe in yourself that you are right at your position and something should be effective and profitable for you while being on holidays then you have the right that you do not go to the school despite being asked by the coordinator because when you know that all the teachers are sitting idle and no work is there for teachers and no proper reason is being explained by the coordinator for calling teachers then you should take all the teachers together and go the principal of the school because this is like injustice and you all can not tolerate this thing ever again

    When you go to the principal then all teachers should be there in your support and say that we will not come at the holiday because we have no work at all and whatever the time we get for our family is being destroyed by the coordinator so please sir help us in this situation because hardly we get the time to pass with our family and if the coordinator will do this then how can we accept this because there are some particular necessities and wishes of everyone that we want to complete at holidays so how can we do this if coordinator will do the same thing again and again

    We are just wasting our time because when we ask for the reason that why did they call us then coordinator does not tell the actual reason and make excuses so this is just like the use of people for their particular profit when we are getting nothing and waste our entire day in the school and if the coordinator wants us to be in school at holidays then we would not come until the management will not provide us the salary of that day too means you have to demand for money to come at holiday and demand for two times more than you get everyday so may be that principal talk to the coordinator and solve your problem and if you forced to come again then all teachers should take a strike against the school that they will not come at holidays and when business will go slowdown then coordinator will understand himself

    All the best

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