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    Continuous maternity leave not being given

    I am working in a MNC. I am 5 months pregnants. Recently I enquired regarding the procedure of my maternity leave from my manager but he told me that I cannot avail my maternity leave in continuity due to some important projects going on in the company. But I donít think this is fair at all. How to fight against such injustice?

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    Re: Continuous maternity leave not being given

    Hi friend

    Your manager has certainly no right to withhold your maternity leave in such a manner and thus not give you continuous maternity leave. You should definitely raise your voice against such injustice and make it a point that you get justice in such case. According to the Maternity Act you can avail your leave 3 months before your expected date of delivery i.e. when you are 6 months pregnant. This means that after another 1 month you can definitely avail your 6 months of maternity leave, according to the Act, and till then you should get this matter solved.

    You should talk to your manager regarding this. Tell him that according to the Maternity Act you have the right to avail your 6 month leave continuously and the company has no right to withhold it. You hope that you will get justice in this case and will be given continuous leave otherwise you would be forced to take some steps which won't be good for the repuation of the company.

    I am sure your manager will understand your point and thus will definitely help you. Good luck

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